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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

isaac's 6 month

did i mention in my last post that i love guthrie?
i do, and i love this couple. mindy and ryland are a great couple who deserve every bit of the cute little bundle the were blessed with. but now this bundle is growing! i'm amazed that within 6 months, all these newborn baby boys turn into such cute little men! isaac is no exception :c)

our first stop of the day (which turned out to be my fav)
way to work it mindy!
can we color?!
i'm trying to work with lines more..
a nice family portrait
ha.. love it!
okay, hear this.. i told isaac that since his dad is such a great guitarist, he should make his best guitar pick face.. not bad! :c)
and here's his cute 'non-guitar' face
some family time in the alley
look at those baby blues!
too cute

isaac may have suffered injury from this shot (i hope not, mindy?) but he does look stellar..
this kid can work it for the camera!

haha, he doesn't look to happy to have some of momma's lovin' left on his face!
mindy and ryland, it was great to see you guys again! you've got a sweet little boy.
and for the rest of you, one more session from this same shoot to come!

1 comment:

Patina by Belinda said...

I love love loved that door when we did our mock wedding in guthrie!

We need to get together it's been way too long!

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