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Sunday, August 16, 2009

it was beautiful

today i cried. behind the camera. then during worship. then behind the camera again.
and i have tears in my eyes as i write this.
why? because God is good. because lives change when they come to know Christ. because a child's innocence and faith is something we could all use. because my camera captured each of the above.
my church, lifechruch.tv, held it's baptisms today, and i was able to shoot at 3 of the services. i've shot pics of baptisms once before, but this time it really affected me. seeing the joy in people as they celebrate leaving their old life behind, and publicly accept that they are a child of God. it's beautiful :c)
there were tears shed
expressions of joy
and relief
there was young
and the 'not as young'
there were embraces
and celebrationsthere was unity
and teamwork
there was joy and pride
and there was helping and loving
and healing
you probably won't get the same emotion as i do, but let me at least explain the last set of pics. this man was handicapped, walking only with a walker. he desired to be baptised, but was unable to climb the ladder to enter and exit the pool. he worried the day before about how he would pull this off. but it was beautiful. with the assistance of his brothers in Christ, he was able to publicly display his commitment as everyone else did. the crowd cheered as a group of 5-6 men lifted the 'new' man out of the pool. i wish i could know more of his testimony, but he was an inspiration to those of us who witnessed today. so thank you for your strength.


Ryland Russell said...

Those are amazing. Great job ashley.

Lila Lawrence said...

What a special day, great job, Ashley!

Sum Sum said...

I honestly don't know how I would have held it together for the shoot, because I could barely see the photos through my tears

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