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Saturday, March 28, 2009

a snowy spring

it's snow!
there's nothing like a late march snow to bring in spring..
gotta love oklahoma.
heres the view from my front door today.
and my hydrangea's i've been so excited about..
as you can see, he is not happy that his garden was snowed on.
hope you all stayed warm and happy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

melissa&tim: engaged

green #3.
i don't know if i've told you yet, but the girls in the last 2 posts i made were cousins. and now, this is their aunt. i photographed 3 out of the 4 family members of the green family (the other one lives in arkansas) all in one week. i credit my wedding ring to the green's because they took my husband in to live while he was saving up money to buy my bling bling. they are a super cool family (and super cute, as you've already seen). melissa is the youngest, and due to be wed this summer. she is marrying tim, and this crazy couple was a blast to shoot (as you can tell by the numerous pics!)
here it goes.

we shot in downtown okc, where the trees were in full, spring-time bloom!
check out the dip! they practice this at home :c)
this was undirected, which i love!
color, color, color! and cuteness!
love the sweetness :c)
now we're in downtown!
i love this city scene
they are due to be wed on june 20th
(giving me 3 wedddings in 3 different states on that one day!)
if you can't tell.. they're a little excited!
goofin' off
their first date was starbucks..
see, cute. so there were actually many more from this shoot that i loved, but i figured this would do. and tonight we got to hang out with the green family for some homemade food, movies, and icecream, yumm! good luck staying warm tomorrow! i have a shoot to do for pl.tv if it doesn't get cancelled due to weather...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

baby mai

hey there!
so i'm really trying hard to get all the pictures processed! here's the newborn session i did with our friend micah and xuan. mia is their beautiful baby girl. we shot these pictures in their newly renovated house!
the happy family
mischievous mia
speaking of mischievous
here's daddy's face as his baby girl is peeing on him... but he still loves her
so does mommy

i loved the block letters xuan made!

Monday, March 23, 2009

3 weeks and counting

do you know what is 3 weeks away?
if you've given up something for lent, i'm sure you do...
it's easter! and besides being the day in which we celebrate our risen Lord (which trumps all the bunnies and eggs), it is also a day that is going to be full of chocolate and blogging for me! but until then, here's some easter pics of tim and abbra's precious girl, emery.
these were taken at downtown's myriad gardens

she was all about the flowers

we thought this was a cool looking bridge

look at her workin' it!

here.. she's not so sure..

and now she's naked and not so sure :c)
fun in a tu-tu!
the happy family
again, just adorable

this is my first time to shoot this age group.. it was a lot of fun. i was excited about the pictures we got! to update on my weekend, my cousin and her friend came into town on saturday, we watch a really good softball game between ISU and OU, got our car stuck in mud, had free icecream with our dinner, then finished the night with a movie at the theater (my first since last summer...). we watched He's Just Not Into You, which i thought was actually very good! i hope that you enjoyed your weekend as well!

Friday, March 20, 2009

blessings from the last week~

my life is full of blessings. i realize this.
but last week, it was undeniable.
one such blessing was that my dad was in town this week. he lives in odessa, tx, but his work sometimes brings him up this way and it's always great to get a chance to see him. the first blessing that came out of this is the deal we got on our 'crank' couch in our game room. since we have a roommate, our guest bed is occupied, so we went out shopping last minute and found the futon-like couch we were looking for on sale at garden ridge.. what an awesome place!
but the biggest blessing of his trip up here was our rib cookout! i have always loved my dad's ribs, but i haven't had them in years, and now that we have a grill, i wanted ray to know how to cook them. so it was perfect timing that my dad was able to show him the ropes..
here's what i look like enjoying them, i thought you would enjoy this pic of me as a kid better than a 25 year old adult with bbq sauce all over her face :c)
the next one is not really my blessing, but it belongs to my stepdad. now let me premise that he is an avid fisherman, and my mom for years now has the record of the biggest bass in our family at 8lbs. but this week felton was able to reel in this huge 11 pound bass in texas!! i guess everything is bigger in texas~ but like any true fisherman, he released his fish to continue to grow into an even bigger fish. i'm proud of you felton!
this is one of my shots straight out of the camera from my wedding last weekend. i just love the silhouette with the color, and of course the flair! i consider the capturing of this picture a blessing..which leads to my next blessing. moments after taking the above picture, we rushed outside to hurry off to the reception site. in the above stated pace, i placed my camera with my big stalker lens on a bench outside to snag a quick shot of the couple in the limo, when my very expensive lens went crashing to the ground! this is what it looked like when i picked it up.
yikes! i'm surprised martin and elene didn't have to revive me on the spot (martin's an er nurse and elene's in pharmacy school). but i just had to pack it away to deal with later. the next day ray was able to work with it and get the lens filter off, which gives us the biggest blessing of the week.....
it was just the filter!!
my lens works beautifully, i had to make an adjustment on the body, but now it is back to normal, and the only thing injured was a cheap uv protection filter (it protected not only the sun, but the very mean ground!)
whew, i'm still recovering over this :c)
but i almost forget my blessing last night.. 1 was ordering some totally rad actions for photoshop that i've been looking at, and for some reason, unable to get the past couple weeks. but lo and behold, last night they were on sale and i finally got my order to go through! i love sales :c)
i hope you have a blessed weekend!
i'll be shooting an engagement shot and easter shot today!

Monday, March 16, 2009

elene: bridal

here's the post i wanted to make a couple weeks ago!
elene christensen (formerly known as hall) married the love of her life this past saturday. it was a beautiful wedding, with a beautiful couple, and an absolutely stunning bride. here's the portraits we took at the capital in late february. elene's style is 'simple', and very elegant. i loved this shoot!
in reverse order, we ended the shoot outside with the majestic columns

the beautiful colors of the capitol
this is the one she chose for her reception.. i like the heads in the background :c)
this was in a museum in the capitol- it had fabulous colors!
playing with movement
isn't she stunning! the dress was gorgeous!

i wasn't lying about the color!

elene, you made a gorgeous bride. congrats and viva vegas!

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