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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Alexander Clan

A week ago from last Sunday, Ray and I run into a friend at church.
"We need some family pictures!" Davin (a terrific husband who actually suggests photo shoots ;c) said.
"I'm available this Saturday" I replied.
And so the date was set.
The next Saturday I was talking to Tina, who said "I don't know what we should wear"
"Color!" I suggested.
And boy did I get what I asked for! I had a blast shooting this gorgeous family in the super cool Paseao district. enjoy-

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Harn Homestead with pl.tv

Photo Life had our June outing at the Harn Homestead last Sunday. It was a beautiful overcast day on a location that was just filled with photo ops. I put together a scavenger hunt for the group, but we way overshot anything on the list... I love my group and their passion for photos! Here's a sample of mine.

Inside the home at Harn.

Outside on the beautiful grounds

Friday, June 25, 2010

Power of Light Workshop

On Wednesday I was blessed to be able attend the Power of Light workshop here in Edmond! It covered the areas of off camera lighting and photoshop workflow/album layouts.. just what I need! This was my first workshop to attend, and I enjoyed getting to learn from an experienced photographer and being able to share with others in the field. Below is a few pic I snagged from the event, but before I show those, I want to officially announce something I've been meaning to announce for, oh, 4 months or so..
Some of you have probably already seen this, but without further ado, I'd like to direct you to my official website. Ray designed my splash page for me (thanks sweetie!) and I designed the site with showit sites!


Onto the workshop. We began the day with indoor studio lighting, an area I definitely need education in!

Then we moved outside using strobes and pocket wizards.. my exact set up!

We stopped this random skateboarded for some cool images.. thanks for obliging!

Everyone attentively listening to Ross Benton

All of us sharing a love for photography :c)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Here's just a glimpse at Meaghan and John's wedding from June 12th!

There's nothing like some 'Just Do It' kicks for your wedding day!

Details of getting ready

I think she loves the man who gave her this card :c)

The fabulous girls working it!

And the stunning men doin' their thing.

Meaghan makes a gorgeous bride!

The ceremony was beautiful, from dad giving daughter away

to the first kiss!


Mr. and Mrs.. officially

This is just the beginning :c)

There will be more to come from the beautiful event!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kristen & Justin's Engagement

Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers!! (I think the only guys who follow this blog are my dads.. love you ! :c)
Fathers have a tremendous job of raising, rearing, providing for, and directing his kids, we need to make sure to appreciate all their hard work!
Since I don't have any specific Father's Day sessions.. I'll show a session of a potential father-to-be, the engagement of Justin and Kristen! I'm pushing it, I know.. But onto the session!

Kristen is from the country and wanted to show that in these pics. Justin is from the city, but feels he grew up somewhat country. So we were blessed when an old family friend of Kristen offered us her place to shoot at! This was one of the scenes I drive by all the time and dream about shooting there... and this time I actually got to!

ohh I love you country scene and late evening sun!

More sun fun :c)

Justin plays at the band at church, so to show her support and love from the crowd, Kristen will flash him the love sign.. then they started putting the two together for a love-high-five!

Justin can easily make Kristen laugh

Kristen's chihuahua was not to be left out!

I know this is not in focus-but I think it's just a magical pic full of emotion and movement-

A show stealer

Like I said- he knows how to make her laugh. and we had beautiful sun (can't leave that out!)

Sweet moments in a 'glass house'.. I told you, super-cool property!


Thanks Kristen and Justin! I enjoyed the evening with you and I can't wait until your upcoming wedding! And thanks to Stephanie for hooking me up with this fabulous couple! I recently shot Stephanie's Bridals and was excited to show them (along with another July bride's bridals) until I realized I can't show them until the wedding... dang.. I always forget that part!
Happy Sunday

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