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Saturday, November 29, 2008

something to be thankful for..

our friends davin and tina have something to be thankful for! they will bringing a sweet little boy into this world very soon. they are a sweet couple who volunteer with ray at switch for life church youth. they just recently found out i do photography and wanted to get some pictures in while tina's still pregnant! thanks to the ever-talented and giving creel for allowing us to use limerick studio (check out his work, he's awesome!). on to the pics~

motherly love..
forever love
tina states the tattoo is not finished, but how cool is it!
i'm thankful to have such beautiful clients!
daddy davin
a present!
this was my first time on my own with studio lighting..
there's so much more i want to learn!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


happy thanksgiving to you all!
i know i feel very blessed in my life, i am thankful for sooo so much. and as many good things i have in my life right now, i hope to be learning how to be grateful for the not-so-'good' as well. anyways, to celebrate this t-day, i thought i'd share with you my t-man... ty! he is a senior at skiatook, a good solid guy, and also my first shot at senior portraits. i had a blast shooting at his parents beautiful home and hanging out with his famly (he is the youngest brother of my good friend trista). love the family and i even loved the shots! check it out~

Monday, November 24, 2008

the wyers family pics

amazing story.
summer called me a couple weeks ago and asked if i could shoot her family for their christmas cards (which summer has a graphic design business and makes the cards herself). i already had a trip planned to tulsa for ty's senior shoot (which i'll post next), and was able to fit their family session in (the amazing part is-it's been forever since i've been to tulsa, and the timing was perfect!). and it worked out great, and in trade for the pics, she'll be designing our very first family christmas cards for us! i can't wait to see how they both turn out. here's a few from the shoot~
check out this city chick!
getting some lovin' :c)
how gorgeous is this tree?!
precious izzy
family fun!

Friday, November 21, 2008

photolife.tv is official!

it's official! the photography life group that i have been involved with for almost a year now has launched our first website! this group has given me so much support, experience, and information that i feel like it was created for my benefit! but in truth, we do all the we do for the greater glory, to love and embrace God's people. we have done several missions that i have documented on here, including oak grove, but now we want to expand our mission and talent by creating a not for profit business in which we can raise money to donate to a charity. we have many plans in the making, so please pray that God will direct us on where and how to go with this adventure. and don't forget to stop by our site.. where you might possibly find a gift or two that can give in more ways than one!
and if you have any suggestions on charities for us to give to, feel free to share!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

christmas is close!

it's getting close to christmas! here's a sneak peak of some of the details on our christmas card this year! my friend summer is going to be putting them together and i can't wait to send them out!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

it's about the little things

so i've been wanting to share this post with you for a while, but didn't feel it was as good without pics. so now that i have my camera back, without further ado..
here's how stinkin' sweet our previous home owners were!

a porch set with pumpkins on the night before halloween!
a bottle of champagne in the fridge!
instructions for all our flowers!
left over paint, carefully labeled!
TP stocked in the bathroom! (along with air freshener!)
and here's my crazy dog :c)
this house was definently a great place to move into, and it will motivate me to be that kind to the next buyers of this house (later on though..)
and although closing was crazy, i think of moving in as great, 'cause, sometimes, it's about the little things.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i'm back in business!

yay yay yay!!
i thank the Lord for answered prayers! i got my camera back in the mail today, with a shoot scheduled tomorrow and one this weekend. i feel so much more complete now! i've missed not being able to capture some of my daily encounters (like my pyscho but adorable puppy!). but the camera came just in time, because tomorrow will be another prego shoot (i tell ya, i'm surrounded by them!) and sunday i will be shooting a my first senior session (so there will be a few more prayers going to to the good Lord :c). anyways, here's the rest of mindy's pregnancy shoot..
i think winnie the pooh says it best!

ryland use to play baseball, so it was neat that we were by a baseball field
showin' off the bump!
can't you already see the tender love on her face?!
beautiful isaac
it it weren't for the small, i'd think this was mindy's thoughts are of her hubby..
mindy's sister-in-law is also pregnant and jumped in for some pics!
a growing family
how cute are they?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

mindy's a mom-to-be!

i have been so excited to share these pictures (and a story of God's goodness) with you!
i first met ryland as he led worship for a student ministry that i attended my freshman year of college. i actually thought he was kinda cute until i found out about his adorable girlfriend, mindy (whom you might recognize as a bridesmaid from danna and jim's wedding..). needless to say, this college couple united as one, and together they make an inspiring couple, always with God at the center of their lives. but as blessed as they have been, the have also suffered several tragic experiences. i will never be able to tell the story as well as mindy, so please check out all the emotions first hand at mindy's blog, we told God our plans and he's been laughing ever since (which the title couldn't be more fitting). in short, mindy and ryland experienced 3 miscarriages before they decided that maybe adoption was going to be the only way they could raise family. but, as the title says, God had his own plan and now ryland and mindy are biological parents-to-be!
so of course i was excited to document such a miracle! they are an adorable couple, and mindy was a trooper during the session (ie. pregnant, in heels, climbing bails of hay while a bug was biting her lip..). i'm still editing, but here's the first batch~
mindy wore 2 bracelets, 1 for their future adoptive child and 1 for the child she is carrying.
talk about a pregnancy glow!
mindy had so many creative ideas!
is she not stunning?!
ryland was making her laugh :c)
i LOVE this one!
sweet moments
we didn't have to 'try' as hard to emphasize the belly as we did with trista..
again, stunning!

p.s. i just went to mindy's and ryland's blog to get the address, and there are tears in my eyes now. it's a must read, and if nothing else, read the first entry. i am sooo excited for the both of you!

Friday, November 7, 2008

danna and jim wed!

danna and jim got married at the beautiful tidal wine vineyards. the wedding was a low key, super fun and relaxed event! here's the shots..

the dress
the shoes
the ring
the flowers
the cake
the beautiful bridesmaids

and the handsome groomsmen

play time for the boys
and cuddle time for the girls
it was amazing weather, with an awesome setting!
i love emotion
having fun in the vineyard
what a sweet couple!
the matching rings!

thanks danna and jim. i pray for a blessed marriage and a lifetime together!

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