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Saturday, November 8, 2008

mindy's a mom-to-be!

i have been so excited to share these pictures (and a story of God's goodness) with you!
i first met ryland as he led worship for a student ministry that i attended my freshman year of college. i actually thought he was kinda cute until i found out about his adorable girlfriend, mindy (whom you might recognize as a bridesmaid from danna and jim's wedding..). needless to say, this college couple united as one, and together they make an inspiring couple, always with God at the center of their lives. but as blessed as they have been, the have also suffered several tragic experiences. i will never be able to tell the story as well as mindy, so please check out all the emotions first hand at mindy's blog, we told God our plans and he's been laughing ever since (which the title couldn't be more fitting). in short, mindy and ryland experienced 3 miscarriages before they decided that maybe adoption was going to be the only way they could raise family. but, as the title says, God had his own plan and now ryland and mindy are biological parents-to-be!
so of course i was excited to document such a miracle! they are an adorable couple, and mindy was a trooper during the session (ie. pregnant, in heels, climbing bails of hay while a bug was biting her lip..). i'm still editing, but here's the first batch~
mindy wore 2 bracelets, 1 for their future adoptive child and 1 for the child she is carrying.
talk about a pregnancy glow!
mindy had so many creative ideas!
is she not stunning?!
ryland was making her laugh :c)
i LOVE this one!
sweet moments
we didn't have to 'try' as hard to emphasize the belly as we did with trista..
again, stunning!

p.s. i just went to mindy's and ryland's blog to get the address, and there are tears in my eyes now. it's a must read, and if nothing else, read the first entry. i am sooo excited for the both of you!

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