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Friday, January 30, 2009

that dang 'thing'

have you ever gone through a time where something, just that one thing, keeps showing itself to you? me too!
right now, that 'thing' is running. it seems like everyone is running these days, and since i was always the kid who would jump off the bridge if everyone else did, that must mean i need to be running as well. there. i've said it online, now i must follow through :c)
so today honey and i went on a run (her longest yet!) and i came home and made this delicious salad (thanks to hubby's flavorful leftover chicken breast). it was yummy and very filling!
now kacey (my sister) is going to be looking for a 10K for us to run.. wish us luck!
p.s. and due to a 'thing' from the past (where i couldn't ignore a number that was placed in my hands), yesterday was my first day of clinicals for this semester!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

ashley & joe : maternity

did you know it's winter?
i definitely found that out this last saturday when i went back to tulsa to take ashley's maternity pictures. ashley is an old high school friend who is now living 2 blocks from my parents house, and she's prego! that means i had an excuse to make a trip home to see my parents. we started ashley's session in downtown tulsa at a brisk 11:00 am. joe was such a trooper in the cold, while us girls were wienies! after freezing our fingers off, we shot the rest of the session in ashley's warm and newly remodeled house (your doing a great job joe!). check it out..

i really like this wall
ashley is all belly and all adorable! see?!
they were married on 7/7/07
ashley came up with the heart sillouete
they were freezing here in the breezeway!
ashley's a poke, joe's a sooner
then i started experimenting..
ashley was a trooper with it all!
jamaica just happens to be the reason for this belly..

and thanks to my ever faithful assistant, summer, who's accompanied me on my last 2 shoots!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


the other day i was reading the pioneer woman's blog and she was talking about searching for some lost pictures on her computer, and as i'm reading about it, i'm thinking 'hmmm, i'm glad i do a good job of categorizing my pictures.'
so for the last 30 minutes, i've been looking for last years ice storm pictures to put up on the post. and guess what. yoooou betcha! i can't for the life of me find them. now, the pioneer woman had years of pictures she was looking through, i have about a years worth (it was a year ago this month that i bought my slr.. crazy!). so anyways, i just wanted to say i hope everyone has been safe these last couple days!
ps. sorry, no pics to accompany this post!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

connor ryan

baby love. truly magical.
if you've been following my blog, you've already met trista, chris, and their newest addition, connor ryan. they are close friends of mine and happen to be the first ones to move past a 2-person family and enter parenthood. it's been amazing to watch this couple grow into loving parents so quickly. last wednesday, i got to invade their home and capture special moments between them and their first born. thanks guys, for the opportunity!
momma trista
pappa chris
here's connor in his sports themed crib.. he's going to be all boy :c)
gotta love baby rolls!
the rings that united..
..this loving famly
like father like son
and of course, one for the future girlfriends ;c)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

summer dawn

i've had fabulous days the last 2 days.
all because my friend summer dawn was in town! (and this weather makes me giddy :c) she is a friend from high school who, although we've always had physical distance, we remain very close! today we went to the park with honey
isn't she cute?
here's honey walking summer

and a shot summer got of me and honey..

she is a very thirsty dog
and here's a super quick snap shot summer grabbed! love it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

habitat for humanities!

i had my first opportunity to help with habitat for humanities today!
my friend contessa is blessed to be receiving a house, but first it requires many hours of work. today we painted the outside of the house (and by the end, our clothes :c). it was a bit chilly when the wind blew (which here in OK is almost always..), but it was a good day!

contessa and her son, tony
me and tess dominating the bricks!
see the wind!
hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

megan.jared: part 2

here's a few more pics from megan and jared's engagement shoot..
but while i was letting the pictures upload, i began a blog hunt (to hunt, i go to jasmine star's blog and click on some of the millions of photogs that comment). i usually click on a few different people just to see some new material, but this time i was blown away with the first one! it is the blog of a vancouver based photographer, jamie delaine, who has some amazing talent. on the second post i get to, she recaps '08, which if full of her first wedding, many portraits, her first 10K, many trips, graduation from high school and starting college! holy cow what a year! i was super impressed with her images, and then to discover her age and see how professional and outgoing she is.. it is truly inspiring. check her out here.
ok, back to megan and jared
lovebirds :c)
i love flare (like most girls love diamonds!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

a day at the dog park

today was a nice and laid back sunday :c)
we slept in, went to church, the dog park, life group, and next is bed! we also got to see some of our friends we haven't seen in a while (actually last time we saw them, their dog was a puppy who could sit in my lap, now he's the mammoth dog you see below!). speaking of the pic below, see how smart our honey is?! she loved the dog park with all the room to run free, but mostly she loved playing with all the other dogs (and by play i mean box them, jump all over them, and chase them). thankfully the dogs were all very playful, i just thought that the moment captured of the play-fight between our friends dog and honey was pretty funny! don't worry, she's just fine.
and here's honey after she found the mud hole (we blamed it on the bad influence of another dog..)
i hope you enjoyed your sunday as well!

4 generations

can you follow me?
this is my sister's boyfriend's sister with her daughter, mom, and grandma. whew! to put it shortly, here's 4 generations, which was the reason for the shoot. thursday was another beautiful day that we were so blessed with her in oklahoma, and i was happy to be outside enjoying it while shooting! here's kristen and her sweet family :c)


i love this captured moment!

isn't she gorgeous?

i love the expressoin here.. bewildered!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

megan.jared: engaged

i'm back in the saddle!
which appropriately took place in stillwater, home of the aggies :c).
i had the opportunity to shoot engagement pictures for a girl that i've watched grow up since she was 8. megan has been my sister's best friend since we moved to sand springs many years ago. i was very excited when megan asked me to take some engagements for her and her beau, jared. they have been dating for a while, but wanted to get out of college before tying the knot. so with megan walking last december, and jared graduating this spring, their summer wedding couldn't be soon enough!
here's some of the pics we captured on OSU's campus

ps. i love megan's expressions.. so in love :c)

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