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Thursday, January 29, 2009

ashley & joe : maternity

did you know it's winter?
i definitely found that out this last saturday when i went back to tulsa to take ashley's maternity pictures. ashley is an old high school friend who is now living 2 blocks from my parents house, and she's prego! that means i had an excuse to make a trip home to see my parents. we started ashley's session in downtown tulsa at a brisk 11:00 am. joe was such a trooper in the cold, while us girls were wienies! after freezing our fingers off, we shot the rest of the session in ashley's warm and newly remodeled house (your doing a great job joe!). check it out..

i really like this wall
ashley is all belly and all adorable! see?!
they were married on 7/7/07
ashley came up with the heart sillouete
they were freezing here in the breezeway!
ashley's a poke, joe's a sooner
then i started experimenting..
ashley was a trooper with it all!
jamaica just happens to be the reason for this belly..

and thanks to my ever faithful assistant, summer, who's accompanied me on my last 2 shoots!

1 comment:

~abi~ said...

so cute! my fave is the one where you "experimented" w/ her laying in front of the window!

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