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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

open mouth: insert foot

i have a confession.
i may have told a bit of a fish tale a while ago when i made the post about putting lights on our house. it wasn't my intent, but in trying emphasize my point, i think i went a little overboard. so to clarify to everyone, my step dad did put lights up on our house after i had asked (yeah i know, pretty bad when i said he never put up lights, but let me keep defending!). i guess why i got on my sob story was because i always wanted lights that went all over the house, on peaks and in valleys and all that. the only problem with that, we didn't have a house with peaks and valleys, so i was actually asking for the impossible (which is a pretty hard request to fill!). so i apologize felton, because you did do as i asked, and we even made a cool christmas tree in the front of our house out of lights. i also want to apologize to ray, whom i mislead, and after attempting to get on the house today to take the lights down, i realize what you went through and decided we no longer have to put lights on the peaks~ okay, i think i'm full of foot..
here's honey 'helping' put up the christmas decor today

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