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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cruisin' Surprise

Happy Thursday!
I promised you cruise pictures, but I'm just giving you a peak of a certain moment for now.
The big news from the trip is that my little sister, Kacey, got engaged! Matt proposed the first night of the cruise, so all the family got to celebrate with them. And yes, that means today I got to go look at 4 wedding venues in the OKC area (but none actually in the city!). It's a good thing I love weddings!

Showin' the bling

Matt's surprise to Kacey on the 2nd day :c)
(shouldn't she show a little more excitement?)


Monday, April 26, 2010

Stephanie & Todd's Engagement

Congrats to Todd & Stephanie! They will be getting married this summer and I am so stoked to be shooting their wedding. Talk about a prepared bride, when I met with this couple for the planning session, Stephanie brought lists, samples, ideas, and even pictures of the places they will be on their wedding day (since it will be out of town)! She's got great ideas, a amazing love for her fiance (and the feeling are reciprocated), and they both share a passion for God. Here's a few of their downtown engagement session pics..

Their first date and proposal happened at this Starbucks and included this Scrabble board :c)

check out those blues!!

Stephanie will be incorporating this chalkboard at her wedding, and thought it would be cute to use in the engagements (they are both teachers).. and I agree!

It was getting late, but I love the feel here..

Samula & Rosa Wed!

Hey there!
We have returned safely from our trip, and of course there will be pictures to come..
but for now, I wanted to catch up on some of my professional pictures from this month!
This is the lovely Samuel and Rosa. Their story is beautiful and includes the typical, and not always typical ups and downs (including divorce from each other), which made their uniting in marriage again a truly blessed event. I was just thrilled to get to witness this couple and their story, I feel blessed to have seen the power in forgiveness and the greatness of our God. They were married on Easter weekend, which I think is very appropriate considering that we celebrate the rebirth of Jesus, and now they have the rebirth of their marriage. I don't know where you personally are at right now in your relationship with God and/or your spouse, but from seeing these two, I can tell you that a personal relationship is possible! Praise Him!

Samuel & Rosa were married at LifeChurch South Campus surrounded by family and friends

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Out of Office

Hello. Thank you for stopping by today. I will be out of the office until Monday.
Until then :c)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tessia's Senior Session

*before you read this post, I would like you to go visit Amy Wenzel's blog. Today was the first day I've been on her blog since lent, and it's amazing how she's able to make my point better than I am. Feel free to read back in her blog to get the full story and realize just how great our God is! Okay, onto today's post..
So I didn't want to leave you thinking about Tessia as you saw her in my last post..
This girl is an adorable young woman with a kind spirit, beautiful eyes, and curly red hair.. what more could a photographer ask for! We enjoyed our time outside as we walked all around downtown for her senior session. Thanks, Tessia, for being so fun and fashionable, and an absolute joy to shoot. Good luck with premed and missions, and I pray that God blesses your journey!

**update: just read this on the Pioneer Woman's blog. This is a conversation between her and Marlboro man (her hubby)
MM: "That’s just part of it."
PW: "Part of what?"
MM: "Part of agriculture. Part of life. It’s actually kind of liberating at a certain point—you do the best you can with what you can control, and you pray about what you can’t control. And you have faith that it’ll all work out in the end."
I like that too.. can you tell I'm glad to be reading blogs again!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

:c( broken computers

Right now, I am not happy about broken computers.
I feel kind of like my head is disconnected from my body.
yeah, kind of like that-

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Capitol 10K, check!

Good morning!
I have officially complete the Captiol 10K in Austin, TX! I just wanted to share a bit of my trip with you :c)

Here's Kacey and Lindsey on the night we got in, hard at work cooking some cupcakes for a 1 year boy's birthday party.
Saturday morning Kacey and I were blessed to have a delicious lunch at Chuy's with our uncle and cousins from our step-mom's side of the family.

Later that night we went to Congress bridge to watch the bats fly, I felt very much like I was in Gothem...

And this, this was our night-before-a-10k-run dinner that we consumed at 10:30 at night :c/

And yes.. we finished our runs, all with good times! The day was cool, the course was hilly, and we are successful!

Have a great Sunday!
We've got brunch and bocce next, more hanging out, IKEA tomorrow, and then back to Oklahoma!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Autsin is Awesome

It's finally that time.
In a couple minutes I will be headed to Austin for the Capitol 10K Run and some good times with family and friends (and a little IKEA shopping :c)
Here's a sneak peak at my 5 shoots in 4 days last week.
The first was my second annual Nurse Exemplar shoot for Deaconess
The second, 2 houses for Brass Brick Homes

The third, a creative engagement for Stephanie and Todd (I'll explain why this is unedited in a minute)
The fourth, a super fun senior, Tessia
And finally, the gorgeous and emotional wedding of Samuel and Rosa

And after all this shooting, guess what happens?
Yep, the computer bums out (yes, the brand new Mac we got this year). So that's been off getting fixed all this week, which means I'm on my old laptop trying to get done what I can. But now I'll leave all that behind for a trip to Austin, and hopefully come back to a working imac!
Have a great weekend!

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