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Thursday, May 29, 2008

cali here we come!

i dont' know why blogger is not letting me post photos :c( but i'm leaving for california bright and early tomorrow morning!! ray and i made a last minute trip to go visit his good friend alec who just moved to socal. hopefully i'll be able to post all the pics when i get back!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

10" lighter

i did it! after a year of growing out my hair.. i chopped it off! now a lucky little girl will receive some curly cues from an oncology nurse, how beautiful (and ray will get to sleep at night without being attacked my ridiculous hair!) here's the pics~

doesn't it make a great wig? (and ray make a great model?)
on my way to the salon..
10" of love
my new short do!
i haven't seen it curly yet, and i'm anxious to see how i'll do with having to actually do my hair..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


this gorgeous wedding was a blast to shoot. for one, the couple are members of Life Church (my church) so i knew several of the attendees. also, it was at the Hall of Mirrors in downtown okc, which is just beautiful. the bride was gorgeous, the weather great, and the photographer, Kelly Beane, was amazing to work with! here's my top picks~

the bride enjoyed her flops while the bridesmaids had 4" heels!

these faces are just too good!

inspiration: the beatles this tree and the light was just amazing!
what we do for beauty..
need i say more?
whitney makes a stunning bride

this was the most grand entrance, with all the curtains being pulled open as whitney and her dad walked in the door...there were gasps everywhere!

tender moments

whitney just couldn't contain her excitement!

as i've said.. i love father daughter moments :c)i think this last picture really sums up the title. even kelly cried at the ceremony! i love happy tears~

ahhh, bubbles

the last picture will explain the title, but there's something the be said about the simple things. even in the midst of a large, double ceremony, planned to the smallest detail wedding, magic can still be found in the simple things.
this weekend i was able to second shoot at 2 oklahoma city weddings (i've been craving a wedding :c). the first was a saturday wedding i shot with the talented ian danziger. not only was it a traditional american wedding, the followed it up with a nigerian ceremony (=party) hosted by the grooms parents. sorry, but no shots from the nigerian ceremony (you will be able to find the on ian's website after he edits) but here's a few of my fav's from their beautiful, american ceremony...
p.s. all the shots are straight out of camera, no photoshopping..

the flower girls... they started chanting "i'm the princess, i'm the princess" :c)

this is the 'hold tight and suck in' moment
moments before walking to the man she'll love forever
i love the father daughter moments!
seal it with a kiss!
the beautiful bouquet on a baby grand piano
the cake topper topper

ahhh, bubbles :c)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a kid's shoot!

sorry for the back posting! i'll try to keep up better. wednesday i had the joy of doing my first children's photo shoot... and what a workout it was! but before that, a fellow student photographer and friend of mine went to shoot some portraits in the beautiful spring weather!

here's belinda mischievous in the wheat field!

a self portrait of my shoes in an abandoned barn

what a dreamy field!

now onto the kids. and thanks to belinda for 'second shooting' with me. it was "sissy's" 2 years old shoot, and as scared as she was of me and the camera (and heights!), she really made me work for every shot... luckily she's so cute she looks good no matter what she's doing! her older brother Maverick was a sweet kid (and very cooperative!). we started out at dental depot, where their mom works, the headed to downtown edmond, then finished at arcadia lake!

a family shot

maverick loved to play!

"sissy" be bashful, but oh so cute!

kids being kids

Monday, May 12, 2008


what is this, you ask? i asked this same question when i came home from work this evening to a house smelling of charbroiled ashes. i then pulled this masterpiece out of the oven (which was set at broil).. apparently amidst ray's rush to get to class with homework done and all, he forgot about the chicken in the oven. maybe this was to prove he's not cut out to be househusband, and so the prayers will continue...
(although this story is true, ray is a fantastic cook an i appreciate all that he does :c)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

kacey graduates!

kacey is DONE with nursing school! congrats!
and here's the after party pics! i love my family :c)

Friday, May 9, 2008

twister terror


its tornado season!

last night i was enjoying some time on the internet, as ray napped on the couch, when suddenly (..a few minutes after the tornado siren) we warped into the wizard of oz! i looked outside and saw shingles flying, started screaming at ray "its a tornado!" this is the view from my 3rd floor apt-we are now working on making friends with our 1st floor neighbors!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

n.o. part duex

here's a few classic new orleans pics...

its always mardi gras on bourbon street!
p.s. i was amazed to see that beads were still in the trees from the parades.

and its always 5:00 on bourbon street

a wide array of hot sauce, this was a fairly 'tame' label

we kept seeing everyone carrying bags from a Jamie Hays store and wondered what was so wonderful, this is what we found...

big smile=ray's smile

this is the oldest restaurant , built in the 18-somethings

love the baskets!
which way is the one way?

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