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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Snail mailed hard drive


My hard drive is now in the mail on it's way to be replaced by a (hopefully) much better (ie. working) one. That dang thing has been stressing me out for the last month, so it's time to have it fixed! So just letting you know I probably won't be blogging much since I don't have the right programs on this computer. But I still love you all and thank you for coming! I'll be back as soon as possible..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

20 Weeks!

I am 20 weeks today!!
That means I'm halfway through this pregnancy.. crazy!
And we found out.. It's a boy!!
(for those of you who know we were wanting to wait, I accidentally saw 'something' on the ultrasound after my car wreck, so we confirmed with our last sonogram)
We are getting more and more excited for little Isaiah to arrive :c)
We have a crib set up and I feel I'm moving more into baby mode!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Sister's Bridals and the Wedding Photobooth

More wedding pics!! First are some bridals that I usually try to blog the day of the wedding, since it is the first day I can show them, but with all my computer troubles and the busy day.. it didn't get done. But I can't not show you my beautiful sister rockin' her wedding dress in downtown Guthrie! So enjoy-

It was a typical Oklahoma windy day..
Check out those heels!
Isn't she gorgeous?!
Love this
Yeah, she's got curves
Rockin' it
I was feeling very artsy for these bridals
and still able to have fun
She has way more talent than me.. she could spin in heels without falling down!

Now.. since she started planning this wedding, I thought it would be awesome to set up a photobooth. I thought I'd have this together waaay ahead of time, but it came down to some very last minute projects. The wireless remote I bought didn't work, so I borrowed my lovely friend Cheryl's. The lights I borrowed from Deshawna, and Creel loaned the background stand and a few other accessories. I had the frames and camera. I figured out how to have the camera link to a computer to show pictures 2 days before the wedding. After getting everything together, I think it turned out great! My only regret is spending time setting this up during the reception when I could have been hanging with family and friends, but that's over and done. Even though things stopped working during the shoot (the wireless remote ran out of battery, and the tethered computer started acting up), my cousin's stepped in and shot photos for me and I think everyone enjoyed it! Big thanks to Bryan and Lindsey for making all the paper props just hours before the wedding :c) They were my favorite part! On to the pics..

These girls started the fun with some Lady Gaga-ness
and action shots!
B and I sported the wedding attire
while the real bride tried to save our parent's marital dispute!
Family photo op!
Followed by 'those guys'
Who'd you say?
Yay, those guys.
The guys who do crazy things like this
But real couples were in the crowd! The engaged..
and the married!
And these cute girls kept appearing.. making me smile :c)
Of course not everyone was so sweet..
But the bride knew how to get some lovin' from her girls!
You never know what a group might do..
Welcome, Matt!
Some posed behind frames
While others were behind frames, in front of frames.. oh my.
This kid (my little brother) kept giving me a hard time about the 'ghetto' set up of wires and frames...
but for some reason he kept showing up in pictures!
Two brides :c)
and two people who need some serious help..
My stepdad found a chance to get some fishing in!
and here's the lovely couple who made all the great mustaches, hats, and glasses..

Yayy!! Kacey and Matt, I hope you guys enjoy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Sister's Married!

Oh my! What a crazy couple of weeks. After recovering from the crash, I had 5 photo sessions to shoot and edit, then of course, my computer totally started a ridiculous meltdown that made editing (and blogging) difficult. With all this I was trying to find the right family car to buy, pick up extra shifts at Deaconess to make those fabulous new car payments, clean my house, and get the last few things together for MY SISTERS WEDDING! So needless to say, that is why I've not been here (I can't even remember the last time I read a blog, nonetheless blogged my own..). But I am thrilled to announce that my sister is now Mrs. Price, and the wedding was a fabulous event all around! Now that I get a chance to breathe, I would love to share some of things I've been working on! First up, a stop motion film created just for Matt & Kacey. This was all shot in my bedroom with a ghetto rig up, but I think that it turned out super cute :c) (ps. big shotout to my amazing hubby and our computer guy who worked from last Sunday to Friday to get this thing off my broken computer and onto a disk in time for the wedding!)

Kacey & Matt: Game On! from ashley ofosu on Vimeo.

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