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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My First Baby Shower

Last Saturday was my first baby shower!
It was beautiful and lovely and I really enjoyed being around all my lifegroup girls!
My friends Contessa and Jules were the hostesses (this is Jules stunning home)
I certainly feel like the 'big' sister here!
A good friend Melonie, who only 6 months ago was were I am at :c)
We were not short on babies at this party! So many of my Lifechruch friends have welcomed new little ones into their homes, this is Addalynne Grace. It took me a minute before I realized that 3 of the babies at the shower were babies that I specifically prayed for (each couple was trying to get pregnant) and to see them all in one place at the same time.. it just made me heart happy to see God's answered prayers! What sweet little blessings :c)
Nathan and Willow holding hands :c)
Here's my photolife girls.
My friends Jennifer and Hannah
I still call her Taco, even though that was from our highschool vball days..
And Miss Lynn.. gotta love miss Lynn :c)
These girls hooked Isaiah up with some great gifts.. makes me even more excited for my little man to be here! Less than 2 months now!

Thanks t0 everyone for coming and celebrating with me!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stella's Here!

Meet Stella Simpson!
She is the beautiful daughter of our good friends, Mark and Abby. I remember when Ray asked me, 'guess who's pregnant'. I though, 'oh my it's starting!" Little did I know we would on their heels with a baby of our own! Sometimes I like to think of Stella as Isaiah's future girlfriend (even though I told myself I would never do that with my kids... I'm sure there's many more of those to be broken..). I have to say, Stella is the sleepiest baby I have ever had the opportunity to shoot, and I enjoyed every minute (even though we were sweating through the shoot after turning off the AC in 100 degree weather). Mark and Abby have a house with plenty of light, great props, a beautiful baby, and fun company, so I really enjoyed this shoot! I hope that you enjoy the pics :c)







I have always wanted to try to pose a baby up like this. I have never had a baby sleep heavy enough to attempt. Stella was out, so her daddy Mark and I gave it a shot. This was the closest we got.
Then she quickly fell...
to this not-so-desired position. Don't worry, Stella was not harmed in the making of these photos. But I'm ready for Isaiah to get here to try again! (although I hear it's difficult to shoot your own baby)









Such a beautiful family. Can't wait to see little Stella grow up in this loving, Christ-centered family :c)

Thompson Family Pics at Mitch Park

One thing that I love about photography is that it gives me the excuse to get together with friends. This is the Thompson family and they are adorable. I've worked with Nichole at Deaconess for years, although lately we've had opposite schedules. I've always respected her work ethic and her passion for Christ and I was excited to watch her family as they loved and enjoyed each other in front of the lens. I hope that enjoy the final result!



















Friday, June 17, 2011

29 Week Progress..

Ready for some baby updates?!
This is probably what's been distracting me more from blogging than anything!
Here is Isaiah's nursery at this time (almost 30 weeks). This room was a boy's nursery when we moved in, and we decided to leave the walls the neutral tan color. The inspiration for Isaiah's room came from a photo the my aunt posted of her and my dad as kids. I decided to do an 'eclectic vintage' look for the room (no, not your typical sports or animal themes). For some reason this nursery has really gotten Ray and I into DIY mode, which I am really enjoying. I want this room to be a personal, comfortable feel. Some of the projects we have completed are painting frames, crafting the no-sew cribskirt, re-doing an old dresser, and building a book shelf. I still have a list of things to do, and I think many of the things on that list will add the more color that's needed in the room. So here's the pictures, and the plans.



Last Tuesday I had a 3D ultrasound done. I was not planning on doing one of these (I always thought them to be a little creepy looking and didn't want to spend the money), but my friend Abbra is in school right now for sonography and offered me a great deal! I'm really glad that we ended up getting this done.. it was so fun to watch my son in my womb! He was laying head up and facing out, so we got some great pictures. And now as he kicks around (which he does alot), I can picture what he'd doing in there much better. Now, we got a ton of pics printed, but they are all on paper, so I tried to take a pic with my camera, but sonograms are hard enough to read, none-the-less a pic of a sonogram! But I will share with you anyways and hope that you enjoy :c)

This is my favorite non-3D. He had both forearms up around his head :c)
Here is my sweet little boy's face! When I posted one on facebook, people said they could see me.. I on the otherhand see a lot of Ray in his nose and lips. We shall see..
Here he stuck out his tongue and Abbra caught a pic!
Gotta love baby feet!
I wasn't lying when I said we got tons of pics!

As more and more people around me have their babies, I am getting more and more excited to meet this little guy (and realizing that yes, he actually really will leave my belly one day). I never understood why people enjoyed pregnancy, but I can say this is pretty fun. Especially with him being so responsive to touch and kicking with such force, he is already entertaining his dad and I :c)

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