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Friday, June 17, 2011

Eli's 3 Month Session

This is Eli. He is the adorable son of Luke and Megan Roundtree (Megan actually went to elementary school together, and every school through college!). We shot Eli's 3 month session at Mitch park Wednesday morning before the day really heated up. I think they turned out fabulous! Enjoy-






This is a basket I bought for Isaiah's room.. I'm excited to multipurpose his stuff!
Eli shows it off well :c)


Megan looking fabulous as a mom

This is Eli's cousin.. a little more difficult to catch on camera, but fun non-the-less.



Sidenote: Megan told me how at Stephanie and Todd's wedding (a wedding I shot last year), our group of friends were sitting at the table. My husband asked her husband when they planned on having kids. He jokingly said "9 months". So when Megan took a pregnancy test that yeilded a surprise positive 2 days later, she blamed Luke! but that was just the start. Our other friends at the table, Mark and Abby, had their little girl last week, the wedding couple, Stephanie and Todd, had their baby boy yesterday, and as you know, Isaiah will be here before we know it! So everyone at that table (none of who were planning kids at that time) ended up with these wonderful blessings. How cool!

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Lindsey S said...

His little button hat + overalls + that awesome chair + his gorgeous eyes. I die! Nice work, cousin!

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