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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas Story

We got to spend Christmas this year in Tipton at my grandparent Hakes house :c) It was one of my shortest trips up, with a late night drive back to try to beat the "big storm" that didn't ever hit OK (but thankful that it didn't after hearing how bad it was out east!). 
Isaiah started Chirstmas Eve morning bright and early at 5 am, which made some great time for him and I to have together. Then after everyone else started to rise, he helped his grandma make her famous pancakes.
He remembered cousin Lindsey (once removed ;c) from Thanksgiving and enjoyed playing!

Here's me and my grandma (there used to be a time when I wouldn't dare walk out of my room without makeup on, even in Tipton. It's safe to say I'm over that now..)12-25-19

The women and their wine12-25-23

Isaiah opening up one of his favorite gifts, the roaring shark (many of Isaiah's animals roar)!12-25-25

Hake Lake on our white Christmas Eve12-25-29

The southerners' snow shoes...12-25-27
I find it pretty amazing that Isaiah is 2 for 2 in having a white Christmas! This year he got to explore it a bit more (I know, no gloves, great job mom..)
A stroll in the snow
And some fun!

Back inside the family was warming up with giggles and gin12-25-63

I still have a hard time recognizing my uncle under that facial hair!12-25-86

Sugar in your steamed mashed potatoes, why not?!12-25-72

All the fun happens in the kitchen12-25-89

especially when you gather these crazy girls (and a cute boy)12-25-94

and dance and sing to your hearts delight! (There also used to be a time when I sat at the table, embarrassed by my families crazy dancing in the kitchen. Again, so glad I'm over that, this was one of my favorite moments of the trip!!)12-25-101
Back at home on Christmas morning, Isaiah got to open his stocking and gift (last minute decision for me to buy the stuff)
"Just what I wanted, ma!"
Honestly, this will probably keep him happier. He loves our electric toothbrush, so when I saw this kid version for $5, I couldn't pass it up. Look at that smile :c)
This is how he keeps it so pretty!
This was my first year to buy stocking stuffers, and I kinda liked it! Isaiah was in desperate need of socks and toothpaste, and we had some oranges, so in the stocking they go as a present!

Ray, Judy, and Isaiah12-25-119
Our little family :c)
This was our first Christmas to spend at home as a family. We enjoyed the day together relaxing, watching movies, talking to family, and playing Yahtzee. Even though my cinnamon rolls were a major flop and we ate shrimp and pasta for dinner, no one cared. We sang happy birthday to Jesus and read the Christmas story together (which honestly, I couldn't read without crying). I'm so amazed by what God has done for us, I pray that His gift of His son remains as our center focus on Christmas. It is "good news of great joy"!- Luke 2

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