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Thursday, April 30, 2009

ashley and ryan: engaged

i had the opportunity to photograph ashley silk and her husband-to-be, rayn, or is it jeff? they sound so much alike?! no, only in my sad little head (fyi, i couldn't get ryan's name right through the first half of our session, so now he's got an alias at home when he gets in trouble by ashley.. your welcome ryan!). but before we get to their ever-so fabulous pics, i wanted to clarify my statement on my last post. i was thrilled about the color i've been seeing outside, and although i do love the color, after driving around all day, the only word in my head was saturation. it's like God pumped up the saturation bar 90% on the world. it's beautiful. so i took honey for a walk and tried to capture God's version of saturated green. and although i don't think my camera can ever capture as well as our eyes can see it, i thought this was a nice photo, and it reminds me of a heart, which makes a great intro to the engagement!

here's ashley and ryan in brocktown, okc. i work with ashley at deaconess, and was thrilled to get to take her engagements!
ryan was reserved with his smiles.. but they look so good on him!

ashley couldn't keep her eyes off ryan
this was some back lit alley fun!
love it!
they've got this modeling thing down :c)
love ryan's expression here

ashley and ryan wanted a pic of this tree, it's like a cool willow-pine, and i loved how this shot came out!
swine flu permitting.. they will be whisking away to mexico to exchange their vows!
back lighting and flair, my true loves :c)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the luginbill's

color. ahhh. can i say it again? color.
right now with the rain and clouds, the world outside my window is saturated in color, and i love it!! especially when it comes to taking pictures (and editing). this session was shot satruday morning, when it was a beautiful overcast sky (there was a little wind to battle, but it's central oklahoma~). the luginbill's are a sincerely sweet family, and i truly enjoyed being able to photograph them. i first knew chad as 'our mortgage guy'. and after several encounters, his infectious smile put as at ease with our house buying experience. but little to our first-time-homeowners knowledge, it was a nightmare of a job for chad. so much so that he now does home remodeling and is able to be with his family more (so it all worked out in the end). so if you need any home repairs, let me know and i'll get you hooked up with him, he's a solid guy :c).
okay, onto the family!

look at all the color!

p.s. this session was shot in the family's old neighborhood located in the middle of the city.. how cool!

Monday, April 27, 2009


hey there! i've got to get to bed, but first i thought i'd leave you with a delicious sample from one of my shoots this weekend. this is a pic from nichole and rus's engagement shot at the arts festival, can't wait to post more (there will also be a fun family session being posted in the near future!). but for now, nothing says love like fried pickle-o's :c)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

4 dogs and a picnic

hello and happy saturday!
i've had a great past couple days, with clinicals ending, beautiful weather, and lots of opportunities to shoot! one of these beautiful days included a picnic with my good friends and our crazy dogs. kacey and i brought our boxers, and my friend ashley brought her 2 daschunds to create a fabulous mix of friends and fur.
this was my first shot, before i changed iso, settings, or anything (so back off). it came out overexposed and not quite properly focused, but i still thought it was hilarious.
here's ally and bailey
and of course reggie and honey, see if you can find a common factor in this sequence
are you seeing a trend?
reggie is a maniac!
and i can just picture matt sitting back, big 'ol grin on his face, chest puffed out, proud of his mean little pooch... poor honey! (but really, i can't look at it without laughing :c)
ally begging for our fabulous lunch
my friends! ashley, nichole, and kacey
quite the crew.. i think we scared all the small children..
and here's the dogs, done for before our walk was over. these pups have never experience oklahoma heat, and i don't think they liked it to well...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

the beautiful deshawna

if ray were to be scared of me cheating on him with anyone, he should be afraid of the weather. yes, i am totally in love with gorgeous weather. he is a such a hottie, full of life, and always ready for fun activities. granted, sometimes he has a bit of a temper, but i blame that more on mother nature. yes, right now, at this time, i love weather.
so in this love affair with weather, i truly get to enjoy outdoor photography. and who better to enjoy outdoor photography with than my good photo friend, deshawna. deshawna is in my photo life group, and just a joy to be around. she said she's never been the subject of a photo shoot before (she's always behind the lens), but she looked way to good doing this that i'm not so sure. now as for her photos of me, we'll have to see... i somehow sense a lack of style. but back to deshawna, here's my favorites!
see, this pose was purely deshawna.. and purely fabulous
this is where weather comes in and the beautiful colors he's created!
deshawna's infectious giggle
i can not look at this picture without seeing her daughter, lilly.
some texture fun, my first try at it..
love her expressions!
work it girl! :c)
again, stunning.
thanks deshawna! i had a great time!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

elene&martin: wed

congrats to elene and martin!
and congrats to me for finishing their wedding pictures! after starting with 2200 pictures and having 2 other jobs to work, i am very happy to be able to hand these pictures off to the beautiful couple. here's their special day~

to start the day, some pampering for the girls..
then to the hair salon, check out the ratted mess!
that tuned into this elegant bun!
the gorgeous dress
and a breathtaking bride
the bridal party
some details
the ring bearer and flower girl.. aww :c)
and here they are running around the ceremony with out a care in the world
when all of a sudden, they realize there's a bunch of people around.. and dad has to step in and save them.. i love the unexpected moments of a wedding
the excited groom
and an emotinal father
the church had fabulous live plants all over the church!
loved the smoke here!
and i had fun with the cross in the background :c)
and another ;c)
i loved all the nature!
cute couple
and now, a totally stoked couple!
the beautiful cake
they had professional dance lessons just for this!
the toasts :c)
martin's grandma was a hoot!
grandma gettin' her groove on!
have fun with light and shutter speed
it was a beautiful wedding, thank you for including me martin and elene.
but it's also a beautiful day outside, so i'm going to go enjoy that before my last wednesday of clinicals!

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