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Sunday, April 5, 2009

the 1st sunday.

so the first sunday of the 2 i've been counting down to is here.
what is so special about this sunday, you ask? well besides it being palm sunday, this sunday is the day i run my first 10k. in the previous weeks i've been planning on it being this glorious day in which i finish the race, take pictures, hang out, and just enjoy the day. buuut, if you live anywhere close to okc today, you may realize that it feels like a frigid 32 degrees out, with a ton of wind. yay! so, i'm getting ready to dredge to the race, fight the wind, then scamper into the car and back home to sit in front of the fire...
but for my picture section of the post, i will share with you our photos from yesterday, a beautiful day that i enjoyed at the park with my hubby and puppy. (gotta love oklahoma's ever changing weather...)
i think i look pretty terrible here, but these are the only pics i get of myself anymore..
or like this... this is how i look in my husbands eyes
check out this pic ray snagged! he looked so good workin' it behind the camera :c)
honey was the main attraction of the shoot
i've been wanting a tree shot like this. hopefully i can get it looking pretty cool in photoshop!
allright, wish me luck and warmth in this race~


~abi~ said...

great post! how did the run go???

Lindsey said...

Hey cousin, love the tree- I could definitely see that blown up really large and framed on a wall. Talked to Kace today, glad you guys rocked the 10k! I'm going home for Easter, probably Tuesday coming back, so maybe on my way through I can come see you guys??? Gotta see the new digs! :)

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