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Thursday, April 23, 2009

the beautiful deshawna

if ray were to be scared of me cheating on him with anyone, he should be afraid of the weather. yes, i am totally in love with gorgeous weather. he is a such a hottie, full of life, and always ready for fun activities. granted, sometimes he has a bit of a temper, but i blame that more on mother nature. yes, right now, at this time, i love weather.
so in this love affair with weather, i truly get to enjoy outdoor photography. and who better to enjoy outdoor photography with than my good photo friend, deshawna. deshawna is in my photo life group, and just a joy to be around. she said she's never been the subject of a photo shoot before (she's always behind the lens), but she looked way to good doing this that i'm not so sure. now as for her photos of me, we'll have to see... i somehow sense a lack of style. but back to deshawna, here's my favorites!
see, this pose was purely deshawna.. and purely fabulous
this is where weather comes in and the beautiful colors he's created!
deshawna's infectious giggle
i can not look at this picture without seeing her daughter, lilly.
some texture fun, my first try at it..
love her expressions!
work it girl! :c)
again, stunning.
thanks deshawna! i had a great time!

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Patina by Belinda said...

I wanted to take pictures soooo bad! I had to work all day! let's do this again sometime soon!!!

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