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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the luginbill's

color. ahhh. can i say it again? color.
right now with the rain and clouds, the world outside my window is saturated in color, and i love it!! especially when it comes to taking pictures (and editing). this session was shot satruday morning, when it was a beautiful overcast sky (there was a little wind to battle, but it's central oklahoma~). the luginbill's are a sincerely sweet family, and i truly enjoyed being able to photograph them. i first knew chad as 'our mortgage guy'. and after several encounters, his infectious smile put as at ease with our house buying experience. but little to our first-time-homeowners knowledge, it was a nightmare of a job for chad. so much so that he now does home remodeling and is able to be with his family more (so it all worked out in the end). so if you need any home repairs, let me know and i'll get you hooked up with him, he's a solid guy :c).
okay, onto the family!

look at all the color!

p.s. this session was shot in the family's old neighborhood located in the middle of the city.. how cool!


Brandi Sue said...

great family session! Love how the kids all participated! made for great pics for the wall...did you bribe them with suckers? haha

ashley o. said...

they have had practice posing for the camera for their mom, and the youngest two were serisously wiping out all these really cool poses during their individual time (they weren't as into the group stuff..)

~abi~ said...

wonderful photos of the whole fam on the bridge! and that last shot of the kiddos is so cool! :)

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