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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sushi anyone?

I don't have a bucket list,
but if I did, I would of checked off one item today... Make Sushi!
My temporary roommate (we still have our 'permanent' roommate) hooked us up with the entire sushi set up as a thank you for opening up our house, which included a lesson.. what a sweet deal! Ray and I have talked about taking classes, but I got a private lesson in my own home. And I documented the process just for you :c)

The final product... Yummmm

Start by rinsing the rice

Then chop the ingredients

Make sure they're nice and small!

Measure out the sushi seasoning

Add, stir, and cool the slightly undercooked rice.

Lay seaweed over bamboo

Add ingredients (our rolls consisted of green pepper, cream cheese, strawberry, shrimp, and marshmallow cream... yep you heard right. It's what was in the fridge ;c)

Then roll the roll

Voila- Sushi! (this was my very first roll, an inside-out roll, so don't hate on the poor rice spreading job!)

Sushi anyone?

I want to take a moment to thank you for following me through all these personal posts. I promise to deliver more photography soon. Today I did some head shots for Deaconess, Thursday I will shoot some Brass Brick homes and an engagement. I have a possible senior shoot on Friday, and a wedding on Saturday... so a busy week after a pretty slow March. I'm excited (and a little overwhelmed when I look at my April schedule... I'm working on giving each moment to God, b/c I am supposed to 'be anxious for nothing' Phil 4:6.) One of the many things to be grateful for: good weather! I hope your able to enjoy it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another baby shower, by yours truly

I hosted a baby shower on Saturday for my friend Contessa's soon-to-be grandson.
Like I said in a previous post, it is baby shower season! I was blessed to have attended 2 showers prior to this one to have some ideas to pull from.

Here's mom-to-be and Tabias (I just realized he's going to be an uncle!).

The family, plus a few.

Since I was busy hosting (always a bigger job than imagined!), Tabias was my photographer. Here's the set up.

Tabias and me-

I just think this shot is funny... Honey is on the other side of the glass wanting so badly to be inside!

This is the kind of picture you get when you give a kid your camera

Or this craziness... don't even know what this could be..

Sorry I didn't document more, but I thought seeing the party through a little kid's eyes was fun!
Have a great rest of the Sunday.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i love lifegroups!

You've recently seen my photo life group (photolife.tv) in action on a shoot,
here we are at our weekly meetings held at my house!
This week we were blessed to have abi of abi ruth photography come speak to us, share her story, and some beautiful scripture. Did I mention I love my lifegroup?

These are the weekly brownies I...um, we.. love to devour!

Abi rocked our meeting in some stellar shoes!

We talk business, photography, passion, and life.

The gorgeous Abi.. thanks so much for coming!!

I am so blessed by these people!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bring on the baby showers!

First it was birthday parties, then graduation parties, after that, wedding showers, and now I am officially in the phase of baby showers! I love excuses to hang out with my family and friends, especially when it involves the welcoming of a new addition to the family! I enjoyed my cousin's baby shower a couple weeks ago and can't wait to have a new cousin! Last night, I was able to celebrate my friend Beth and her little baby McDowell! My friend Sydnie hosted the beautiful event at her house, and even though we had to fight the treacherous snow (Ray and I actually got stuck right outside of her neighborhood on our way out, luckily the boys were at the neighbors house and we had 6 guys to push us out!) Sydnie makes a fabulous host and party planner, sparing no detail, so I tried to capture some of them.

The homemade diaper cake

One of the games.. guess the #

A bird's eye view of the duck

When I say every detail, I mean every detail.. including this homemade utensil holder!

yumm. bugs!

One of the games that I thought was entertaining... we had to craft our own baby from Play Do

This is the better view of mine (the orange one). This is a good pose for a baby portrait, so I was planning ahead ;c) (my baby actually won!)

Mimi modeling both her babies

A baby only a mother can love :c)

It was a fun night! I tend to take more detail pics than people pics though.. I need to work on that..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First day of Spring

After a long, cold, wet winter, we decided to put our patio furniture back together! We are looking forward to some nice evenings where we can enjoy the weather.
Not so today. Today, the first day of spring, it's snowing. All over our patio furniture.
Thank you Oklahoma!

I hope you stay safe and warm!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Madness

This morning was our first 'group outing' for PhotoLife.tv since we've revived the group.. and it was cold, but it was a blast! These are some of the people who have helped me become the photographer I am, and who help me continue to learn and love it.

This outing was a free shoot for anyone who wanted to show up in downtown OKC from 9-11 this morning. These lovely girls were just a few of the ones who bared the cold wind for the sake of photography :c)

Then we started shooting each other (of course). Here's a few details I captured

Guess what? I did not shoot this shot! But the man who's in the pants in the above picture did :c)

The lovely Chainey, also shot by Mark

Rugged Rick

Captivating Cheryl

Mischievous Mark

and Darling Deshawna

I love these people and thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Day

My night ended at 5:00am this morning,
after I was finally able to put down my book, A Voice In the Wind.
My day began at 10:00am, when I continued to read A Voice In the Wind.
After I finished the book around 11:30, I went to the place formerly known as Mercy Ministries
(It's now part of the Sparrow Project).
I came back home and finished a lesson for my study, Breaking Free, by Beth Moore.
I had a good talk with my temp roommate.
Then my husband came home and took me to a nice Mexican dinner with a fantastic conversation.
We are ending the night with strawberry smoothies and The Office.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beckham's 3 Month

Last week I gave you a preview, here's the full post of Mr. Beckham Miles! We shot this on a Sunday afternoon in less than in hour in a field in Mitch Park, which is right behind my house. I bought the chair used in this session over a year ago for this exact purpose, but since I lack the proper vehicle needed to lug it around, I have not had the chance to use it. Thankfully Michelle had the vision, and the truck, that allowed us to pull of this beautiful shoot. I love this little family and was thrilled to get to document them :c)

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