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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sushi anyone?

I don't have a bucket list,
but if I did, I would of checked off one item today... Make Sushi!
My temporary roommate (we still have our 'permanent' roommate) hooked us up with the entire sushi set up as a thank you for opening up our house, which included a lesson.. what a sweet deal! Ray and I have talked about taking classes, but I got a private lesson in my own home. And I documented the process just for you :c)

The final product... Yummmm

Start by rinsing the rice

Then chop the ingredients

Make sure they're nice and small!

Measure out the sushi seasoning

Add, stir, and cool the slightly undercooked rice.

Lay seaweed over bamboo

Add ingredients (our rolls consisted of green pepper, cream cheese, strawberry, shrimp, and marshmallow cream... yep you heard right. It's what was in the fridge ;c)

Then roll the roll

Voila- Sushi! (this was my very first roll, an inside-out roll, so don't hate on the poor rice spreading job!)

Sushi anyone?

I want to take a moment to thank you for following me through all these personal posts. I promise to deliver more photography soon. Today I did some head shots for Deaconess, Thursday I will shoot some Brass Brick homes and an engagement. I have a possible senior shoot on Friday, and a wedding on Saturday... so a busy week after a pretty slow March. I'm excited (and a little overwhelmed when I look at my April schedule... I'm working on giving each moment to God, b/c I am supposed to 'be anxious for nothing' Phil 4:6.) One of the many things to be grateful for: good weather! I hope your able to enjoy it!


Echo | Photoworks said...

make that bucket list, girl! LOVE the sushi pics ... made me want some. Fun stuff

SushiTail said...

Wow! Everything turns into magic when a photographer does it.

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