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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bring on the baby showers!

First it was birthday parties, then graduation parties, after that, wedding showers, and now I am officially in the phase of baby showers! I love excuses to hang out with my family and friends, especially when it involves the welcoming of a new addition to the family! I enjoyed my cousin's baby shower a couple weeks ago and can't wait to have a new cousin! Last night, I was able to celebrate my friend Beth and her little baby McDowell! My friend Sydnie hosted the beautiful event at her house, and even though we had to fight the treacherous snow (Ray and I actually got stuck right outside of her neighborhood on our way out, luckily the boys were at the neighbors house and we had 6 guys to push us out!) Sydnie makes a fabulous host and party planner, sparing no detail, so I tried to capture some of them.

The homemade diaper cake

One of the games.. guess the #

A bird's eye view of the duck

When I say every detail, I mean every detail.. including this homemade utensil holder!

yumm. bugs!

One of the games that I thought was entertaining... we had to craft our own baby from Play Do

This is the better view of mine (the orange one). This is a good pose for a baby portrait, so I was planning ahead ;c) (my baby actually won!)

Mimi modeling both her babies

A baby only a mother can love :c)

It was a fun night! I tend to take more detail pics than people pics though.. I need to work on that..


Echo | Photoworks said...

Awww - baby showers! We are growing up. LOVE LOVE the ladybugs. Too cute.

~abi~ said...

cuuuute! i am hosting a baby shower for one of my best friend's next weekend!

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