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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunsets and TV's

Ray and I aren't really big into gifts.
For each big event, I usually end up telling him what I thought about buying for him (it's the thought that counts, right?).
Snowboard, smoker, camping gear.. whatever his latest interest is.
But I never buy it, and life goes on.
This year, I followed through on my idea and actually purchased a present.
Our first anniversary, we bought a house. Our second anniversary, we went to Dallas.
On our third anniversary, without speaking about it, we both bought each other gifts.
As you can see below, we both purchased stereotypical male/female gifts, which made this male and female happy!
His gift to me-Flowers & Chocolate: My gift to him- TV
But after my purchase for him, we still had to take it back to get the right size (which of course, was bigger!).
Here is Ray before he shaved the stash one day earlier than planned (thanks boys of Chesapeake!)
After we exchanges presents, Ray took me to dinner at RedRock.
We got there in perfect time to watch an amazing sunset!
Couldn't resist capturing the scene..
A toast to a great night
and happily ever after.
I love this man

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 Years of Blessings

"And now, you both have freely, deliberately, and prayerfully chosen each other as partners for life. Ray, you are now entering a relationship with many privileges, but also many obligations. The woman you love is about to become your wife. In no way could she tell of her love for you as by her willingness to turn from home and loved ones, to make her home with you. Your joys will be her joys, your sorrows will be her sorrows. Your people will be your people, and your God, her God.
Ashley, you too are entering into a relationship with many privileges and obligations. The man you love is about to become your husband. He tells the world not only of his willingness, but of his express desire to turn from all others and turn to your for all of life ahead. Your love will be his inspiration and your prayers his tower of strength. "
At this point he takes her hand, looks lovingly in her eyes, and repeats after Isaiah.
He slips a beautiful ring on her left hand, and she does the same for him.
The minister pronounces them man and wife,
they kiss, and hug, then almost fall, then laugh and kiss again.
3 years later they continue to live life together, sharing joys and sorrows, and praising the God who is so gracious to them.
3 years later, I remember the above events from my wedding, and couldn't feel more blessed than I do now. Ray, thank you for leading me in a God honoring marriage. My heart is yours.
Ceremony 2 045
photo by kriea arie

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lallie's 1 Year

You're in for a sweet treat! Lallie is turning 1 next month, so her mom brought her and her sister down to Edmond for 1 year pictures! Halla and Lallie are sweet girls who kept me on my toes as we played at Fink Park.

Sweet sister love




Sidewalk chalk!


and Bubbles!

Lallie's special birthday cake made especially for her by her grandma! yumm..

Thanks Halla and Lallie!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rockin' the boot

I'm editing my wedding from last week when I came across this shot from my second shooter, Cheryl- Totally rockin' the boot!

I got another xray on Friday that shows no changes, which is good because it means the toe can continue to heal with out any intervention. But it also means the bone is not fully grown back and the Dr. recommends the boot for another 3 weeks. He (cautiously) gave me some leeway as to when I wear the boot, so this weekend I dressed up in flats (left indentions), went for a run (first run in a month and I think my body did worse than my toe), attempted heels (which I hardly wear anyways), then put the boot back on (flats no longer cut it), and was barefoot by the end of the day yesterday.
I can see why he cautioned me...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Baylee and Kennedy

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing my husband's boss's children (and yes, he still has a job :c) Kristi chose Lake Hefner for the backdrop of her beautiful girls, Baylee and Kennedy. When the girls showed up in pink and black ruffled skirts, I knew I was in for a fabulously girly shoot! I can't say enough about how well behaved and helpful Baylee was, and how sweet and tender she treated her sister. Thanks so much girls!

The stunning Baylee
And the adorable Kennedy














Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taco Tuesday

Happy Taco Tuesday!
We are having a fiesta tonight to celebrate some of our photo life group members bdays this month!
Now that summer is over, photolife.tv is off and running! Let me know if you want to join us on Tuesday nights.
Here are a few behind-the-scene shots from last weeks bridal shoot (on of our members is getting married next month! We also just found out a 3 of our members are pregnant. Wohoo!)

On to the shoot..
The fearless Mr. M showing our bride how to work it!
'Stalking' fellow photogs to get the perfect 'shot'
The man behind this lens just happens to be the father of the bride

Congrats Sha'! Look for bridals to be posted on her wedding day, 10-10-10!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jamie&Jeff's Reception Cards

Congratulations to Jamie and Jeff!
They will be saying their vows later tonight, and since Jamie didn't have a bridal session for me to share, I thought I'd post their cute reception card! I create these images and have cards made to put out at the reception so guests can know where and how to find the wedding pictures. They are great all the way around.
I can't wait to see this cute couple as a bride and groom!


Friday, September 17, 2010

A Baptismal Poem

I've got some pictures and I'm excited to share!
<span class=
There's so much emotion I can hardly bear!
With arms held high in the air
in the air
in the air,
<span class=
they praised their God without a care
of who in the crowd might stare
<span class=
as emotions were bared.
<span class=
The Spirit was there.
<span class=

That my have been my first poem to write since my Haiku in 8th grade English, but I guess the beauty of baptisms inspired my poetic response!
Last weekend was Lifechruch.tv's September Baptim's. I was put in charge of the photography, so I was able to be there for 5 out of the 6 services. As I've mentioned in my previous baptism posts, I just love shooting these. They are emotion and beautiful. And this time was especially awesome for several reasons. #1 I can't show because the people who were baptized could be put in jeopardy because of their statement of faith (which made it all the more beautiful). #2. Most people who are getting baptized sign up prior to the event, but at the 1:00 service, a man decided he needed to be baptized that day, and there were no more services. So they baptized him at the end of the service. And with our pastors still in the pool, 2 other men made the decision to be baptized right there and then, as you can see the guy in the last picture is wearing a polo (and jeans).

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