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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Baptismal Poem

I've got some pictures and I'm excited to share!
<span class=
There's so much emotion I can hardly bear!
With arms held high in the air
in the air
in the air,
<span class=
they praised their God without a care
of who in the crowd might stare
<span class=
as emotions were bared.
<span class=
The Spirit was there.
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That my have been my first poem to write since my Haiku in 8th grade English, but I guess the beauty of baptisms inspired my poetic response!
Last weekend was Lifechruch.tv's September Baptim's. I was put in charge of the photography, so I was able to be there for 5 out of the 6 services. As I've mentioned in my previous baptism posts, I just love shooting these. They are emotion and beautiful. And this time was especially awesome for several reasons. #1 I can't show because the people who were baptized could be put in jeopardy because of their statement of faith (which made it all the more beautiful). #2. Most people who are getting baptized sign up prior to the event, but at the 1:00 service, a man decided he needed to be baptized that day, and there were no more services. So they baptized him at the end of the service. And with our pastors still in the pool, 2 other men made the decision to be baptized right there and then, as you can see the guy in the last picture is wearing a polo (and jeans).

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