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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3 Years of Blessings

"And now, you both have freely, deliberately, and prayerfully chosen each other as partners for life. Ray, you are now entering a relationship with many privileges, but also many obligations. The woman you love is about to become your wife. In no way could she tell of her love for you as by her willingness to turn from home and loved ones, to make her home with you. Your joys will be her joys, your sorrows will be her sorrows. Your people will be your people, and your God, her God.
Ashley, you too are entering into a relationship with many privileges and obligations. The man you love is about to become your husband. He tells the world not only of his willingness, but of his express desire to turn from all others and turn to your for all of life ahead. Your love will be his inspiration and your prayers his tower of strength. "
At this point he takes her hand, looks lovingly in her eyes, and repeats after Isaiah.
He slips a beautiful ring on her left hand, and she does the same for him.
The minister pronounces them man and wife,
they kiss, and hug, then almost fall, then laugh and kiss again.
3 years later they continue to live life together, sharing joys and sorrows, and praising the God who is so gracious to them.
3 years later, I remember the above events from my wedding, and couldn't feel more blessed than I do now. Ray, thank you for leading me in a God honoring marriage. My heart is yours.
Ceremony 2 045
photo by kriea arie

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