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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

or NOT!

up and down, up and down
we'll buy this house, no that house
we'll close on this day, no that day
you could be in early october, or late october
you get the house today, or NOT!
is this how house buying always goes?
anyways, although for most of today i thought that the day was today, it looks like it will be tomorrow. but the great thing is, we were able to purchase a house before all the crazy market stuff, we have a roof over our head now and we will tomorrow, and most of all, God is the Blessed Controller of all, and we will take comfort in that :c)

Monday, October 27, 2008

plg at beavers bend!

here's some of my pictures from the trip. it was such a beautiful weekend with perfect weather for camping and shooting! the others got some great shots as well, it's really neat to see someone elses perspective on the same situation. here's mine...

the landscape

the people

Sunday, October 26, 2008

we're back from camping!

this is was the view from our tent this weekend.
yes, this is oklahoma and yes, it's okay to be jealous :c)
we had a blast, and there'll be more pics to come..

Thursday, October 23, 2008


tomorrow i will be meeting my fellow photo lifers at a bright and early 6 am!
we will be heading south to the hochatown state park (and the fall foliage tour!), where we hope to be able to capture the beauty of God's creation with our cameras and fellowship with some awesome people.
just pray for us to stay warm!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

trista's a mom-to-be!

all right, tonight i have my 5th photo shoot in 4 days.. yay!
so that means you will get to see plenty more pictures! for now, this is trista thomas. she is an old college roomie and good friend of mine who got married last year and is now pregnant with a little baby boy, connor. i am so excited for both chirs and trista, connor is going to have some rockin' parents!
for their prego shoot, we went to chris's parents house and took maternity back to nature :c)
i hope you like them ('cause i love them)!
don't you love the pregnancy glow?
chris can always make trista laugh
where's connor?

a smooch on the lake :c)

more smoochin'
i love the mood of this one
trista is due early dec. and just now started showing!
one of our fav's
okay, these 3 are close to the same.. but watch the cat. it's like he was following my directions! look and the camera...
now look away..
kiss! (kitty is giving them some privacy)... haha
it was fun getting to edit for a coutnry feel. aren't they adorable?

ma and pops

trista makes a stunning mom-to-be

sweet moments

p.s. my shoot tonight is another maternity session, can't wait!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

a day in the studio

i'm off to a wedding that i'll be shooting for ian!
but here's a couple shots i got for my realtor, melinda stevenson, as a gift for her helping us find the right house! thanks to creel mcfarland for letting me use limerick studio, helping me set everything up, and doing the post production editing (including adding more room above her head, he's amazing!). i hope you have a great saturday!
while creel and melinda were designing business cards, melinda's daughter and i were goofing off in the studio!
i like letting kids use the camera!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my trip to seattle

what a welcome back we received yesterday as we stepped out of the airport into the dreary, rainy weather! i was expecting that out of seattle (but thankfully we didn't see even a raindrop!), so i didn't mind having to deal with it when we got home.
our trip was fabulous. nichole made sure we saw all the sites: public market, mt. rainier, space needle, the beach, the troll under the bridge, gas works park, and more coffee shops than we could dream of! the food was great, the hills were steep, and the company was awesome!
the only downside of the trip was a lesson learned. i planned on taking some great pics to sell on my photo life groups website (which is still under construction), but when packing, i took out a full battery and replaced it with a dead one (i don't know i didn't pack all 3), i did not pack my charger, and while roaming the streets of seattle, i had my time out timer set at 15 min.. so by the second day i had no battery life :c( but here's some pictures i did get on the first day.
ashley, nichole, sydnie, and i

2 of seattle's most well known items..

the flowers at the market were nothing short of stunning!
each bloom was perfect (and cheap!)
from fresh flowers, to fresh fish

seafood was everywhere!
and it wouldn't be complete with fruits and veggies!
i loved the display and the vivid colors

a warning sign..
musicians were everywhere, setting a great mood for the shoppers
then we trekked it to the space needle!
which was surrounded by some great fall foliage!

a carnival feel

again, more color and more sea

saturday morning we went to the market right outside of nichole's apt.
the squeaky cheese was our favorite!
these were the only shots i got on mt. rainer, which had so many breath taking views.
but this place was a hidden moss covered forest..amazing!

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