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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our June-

Our June, let's begin-
Matt turned 30! Of course he had to stop at a casino on our way to Texas and win on his second pull..JuneBlog-1
We traveled to New Braunsfel where we floated the river and enjoyed time together
Ray and I used it as our babymoon, a nice little kid-free vacay
So glad my cousin got to come down as well!
Isaiah and I have been spending quite a bit of time at the park.
Happy Father's Day! Isaiah is always so proud of his homemade gifts :c)
I used my clients to snap a quick photo of my family at the end of their session (Thanks Sara!)
I seem to get the best father son pics at Myriad Gardens when I'm doing a family shoot! My last fav of Isaiah and Ray was during the Green's family shoot last year with Isaiah's fedora.
Isaiah and I had some play time after the shoot at the kids park. 
Our Lifegroup! Such an awesome group of people, we love them!
Our household went to taste of Edmond to kick off the Liberty Fest week, it was delicious!
The McDowells joined us (as well as the LaRues, but the left before we pulled out our cameras, err.. phones).

Our July so far..

Here's a catchup post for July.. lets get started-
I enjoy preggo friends :c) Deshawna, Belinda, and I all pregnant together! (I like how despite our different heights, all our bellies are on the same level!)JulyBlog-1
Can't you see these 2 cool dudes in 16 years trying to pick up chicks like this? (I had a hard time even writing that last statement, because I don't want to think of my son out there trying to 'pick up chicks') Oh my
Monkey see, monkey do, the kid had to use chopsticks like us!
He's getting so big I just can't believe it! Here he walked this rope bridge all by himself :c)
Happy 4th! We attended our 1st parade as a family since I was cancelled from work that day :c)
That evening we headed out to the Beeson's for our 3rd year of 4th celebrations. Click here to compare last years pics!
The girls and our kiddos
Here's another snapshot from the future
We had a closet full of red, white, and blue this year..
And what's more all-American than tossing a football
Enjoying my cushy tummy during fireworks
I love these 2 handsome men :c)
Happy Birthday Ray! This may be the first year I haven't done a happy birthday post, sad day. It's also the first year I didn't surprise him with a party, more sadness. I tried and thought it out, but just couldn't process it all. We did celebrate with a last minute shrimp boil and some yummy homemade cake!
Earlier that day we had some family time at the zoo
Best friends
Water play with Nate
Water play with grandpa!
And of course, grandma. Thanks Darrell for letting us use the pool!
My friend Dre came into town which prompted us to have a reunion of sorts. These were my roomies from college, so good to see again! 
This is the train table that prompted a huge fit when we had to leave for nap time. Nothing like a kicking, screaming toddler being carried through a quiet book store ;c)
Me, Full Term!
What Isaiah thinks carrots from our garden are for.
Honey got a new collar, doesn't it look nice! (I still can't get over grey face..)
"what's up, doc"
We are getting to the stage of pretend play... He's been taking our hand to come play with him. This just reminds me of the days I used to play cars with my little brothers, now it's my son!
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