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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Showers!

Much overdue.. here I am with not only a post, but a personal post at that! It's been almost 2 months since I've had a 'my life' post, and although I've had plans for a big catchup, I've been knocking other things off my to-do list (or sleeping). But, it's 3:30am and I've been up for a couple hours and have prayed, checked facebook and pintrest, so why not blog?! Plus my girls threw my friend and I an adorable baby shower on Sunday that I want to share with you! 
I've been telling people that I don't need any kind of shower because having the same sex kid in the same season 2 years later when you cloth diaper.. you don't have many needs. We were so blessed our first time around, we just needed a few things like a double stroller (which I actually have 2 of at this point, anyone know someone who wants to buy a brand new double jogging stroller?). But our little group of girlfriends wanted to do a shower to celebrate, which I think we'll continue for each baby that blesses our group! Last time we had a triple shower, including Beth, Ashley and I. This time it was just Ashley and I (Ashley was due 9 days after me last time, this time is 10 weeks!). We both wanted it to be low key and simple, which the girls said made it difficult! But they did a great job with our pickles and icecream party, and the best part was that the guys had all the kids, so we were free to relax and chat! 
Here's Ashley and I behind the yummy setupShowers-3
The 3rd Sunday of July just happens to be National Icecream Day. I think we did it up right!
Love the "Cherry on top" accents. Simple and adorable
Also love these girls!
And my sis, I kinda like her ;c)


We don't know how to be pregnant without each other!
Last week the Spine Hospital also threw me a shower! They scored with a money tree (one tree Ray can't blame me for hugging ;c) I told them I'm glad it's been much more fruitful than my garden (which has grown, but isn't necessarily producing like I expected...) Waiting for Wednesday to go gather a few goodies at the Green Bambino! 
note: I'm not sure if there's anyway to pull off a scrub top that's 2 sizes too big without looking frumpy. Makes me appreciate actual maternity wear!

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Katie said...

Hey girl! What kind of double stroller is it?

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