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Friday, September 27, 2013

Eli's Birth Story.. enhanced with pics finally!

Award for most pics to go with a post....
Eli's Birth Story! 

I finally got around to posting the lovely pics that Melissa Green took for me :c)
Even though I didn't get her there in time for the birth, the moments after were captured and will be treasured forever

View here

Being God's Legs

I am quite amazed that I have known the Bass family for 5 years now. I met them through Jules when I was volunteering at Mercy Ministries (a food pantry in OKC). We actually got Honey from them (that's where I say she got her crazy from ;c). Tess has a heart like no other, and as a single mom amazes me with what she can do. I'd say that Tobias and Titus take after her. Titus has defeated the odds by a long shot in his life with Cerebral Palsy. Tobias is a sweet young brother who loves his big bro and feels bad that he can't participate in everything like other kids. So he decided to push him in a 5K run that Tess' school was putting on tonight. He needed a stroller, so I let them borrow our jogger. But Titus is a bit long to fit in the baby stroller and Tobias is a kid who isn't afraid to take action to make his desires take place. He wrote to news channel 9 to see if they could help find someone to loan them a bigger jogger. The news station jumped on it and put together an adorable story over it. I love how truly honest the whole thing is, and it made me think for a moment the way everyone is reacting to this. I've known his plan and find it truly in character of Tobias, but hearing others reactions to the story made me stop and think how not-so-ordinary it is for a 10 year old (not that it shouldn't be the norm). Anyways, click here to see the link to the news story (they also covered the race tonight). Tess wanted some pics, I wish I had some really awesome ones, but I did try to capture the event. Enjoy-
TnT ready to run!
My good friend from high school (whom I've always known as Taco) ran with the boys to make them Triple T!
They had quite a fan club out there!
And they're off!

3.1 miles for a 10 year old pushing a stroller isn't what I'd call easy..
But Tobias was up for the challenge!
Thankfully he had a supportive fan club
and as he said, a God who can enable!
It was a beautiful night
and there was plenty of water and helpful cheering along the way
Here's one proud momma :c)
Speaking of momma's, I'm quite proud of this man's running!

The kid would not stop, and in good time, made it to the finish line!


and a momma's love

Channel 9 was there completing the story
Tobias and all the kids were pretty excited
When Tess was on the phone last night telling me to watch the news, she asked Tobias "You mentioned God, right?", of which Tobias said yes, to Him is all the glory

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grandma's in town!

Grandma Sampson made it all the way from Ghana! Rays mom moved to the states with Ray and Judy in 1993. She moved back to Ghana around 4 years ago and hasn't been back to the States since, so it was about time! It was her first time to meet her 2 grandsons, and they both took to her quick! She's bonded quickly with Eli with lots if holding time, and Isaiah loves to play with "ga-ma", shutting me out of the room! It's been great for Ray and Judy to have their mom around (it works out great that Judy is in the same house). Honey is also a big fan and won't leave the kitchen when Terry is cooking, but the rest of the family is just as excited about the food! Sadly I haven't gotany pics and haven't been sitting down to the big computer much, but we made a trip to the fair on Fridsy that I documented withy phone, so I'll share those! Since she's here for 4 months, I'm sure there will be more pics to come :c)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meet Sweet Lillian!

Meet baby Lillian! She is the second daughter of our good friends Mark and Abby. We made a trip to Tulsa to meet her, and in between either Abby or I nursing, changing a diaper, or entertaining a toddler, we snapped a few newborn shots! Enjoy-LillianNB-16






Big sister Stella is enjoying herLillianNB-6











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