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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Isaiah's Second Birthday Party

Let me give you a hint at what Isaiah's second birthday party theme was..
 It's a digger party! Around 18 months, Isaiah fell in love with the book Dig, Dig, Digging and became interested in all things construction. Growing up mainly just around my sister, I found it interesting that without any push from me, my son chose this 'manly' type of work to enjoy. Although he still enjoys construction and diggers,  you can see from his 2 year photoshoot that his new obsession is trains! But since I started planning this party a while ago, it was all digger. Ray was reluctant to even have a birthday party with a newborn around. I told him I would try to keep it small and simple (2 difficult things with a party). I understand Isaiah doesn't need a party, and I wonder if they are really worth it, but I enjoy the planning and getting everyone together and celebrating, so I continue with them! As for the small, I tried to invite only a small group (I feel bad posting this because there are more friends I would have loved to have there, but limited the groups- we are extremely blessed with many close friends and for that I am grateful!), but we still ended up with 26 adults and 12 kids... and with 4 pregnant moms this group isn't getting any smaller! Anyways, I did as much prep with designing, printing, and planning before Eli was born. Thankfully he's been a chill baby and didn't really make prep any more difficult. It's just too bad that I love the outdoors and that my birthday is in February, so I always want outdoor parties. But my kids were born in August, and even though it's been a mild summer, last Saturday was blazing hot... and I still put all those preggo moms outside! The kids didn't mind though and enjoyed both the sand and the water table. Just like I thought I could keep the party 'small ans simple', I was hoping to get done in time to get some pics beforehand. But since I was frosting the cake as the first people arrived, you can guess that didn't happen either. I tried to capture some shots as I hosted (thankfully my mom and others pretty much cared for my kids for me!), hopefully you'll enjoy the on-the-go shots! 
The table set up
 If you check pintrest, a digger party isn't complete without cheese balls!
Gotta love a homemade cake that is supposed to look messy!
Complete with oreos and a digger (or bulldozer, I try to be correct now!)
But the best part was the inside! it was supposed to look like caution tape (my lines aren't quite perfect) but still fun to cut into! It's not as difficult as it looks, here's the tutorial I used
 Our family with the birthday boy!
 Each kid had their own hat and party favor bag
This guy was my mom's party favor!
Some Ofosu's-
Here is the sandpit my hubby and our good friend built the night before the party! I was planning on having a dirt pile that we would remove, but I'm so glad to have something that Isaiah can continue to play in, he loves it! (The black around the edge has now been removed.. we were just going for the 'under construction' look ;c)
The kids stayed hard at work!
No play here!
 G modeling his hat (one of the few who kept it on!)
Just like a girl, Ashlyn added her own twist, wearing it backwards! (p.s. out of 12 kids, only 4 were girls.. we are surrounded by boys!)
 The water table was a big hit as well, thanks to the LaRues for sending it over!
 Although it did turn into a sandy water table, and a wet sandpit...
The hot adults
Eli had no problem keeping cool inside :c)
Even though I started serving cake before we sang (maybe I just wanted to show off the inside of the cake too??), I think Isaiah enjoyed the day! Happy second birthday son!

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Katie said...

Looks so fun! I am so sad that we were on vacation and missed it!! I'm super jealous that Chase got to meet Eli last night! Hopefully we can see you guys soon!!!

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