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Thursday, September 29, 2011

4 Years Later..

4 Years ago on this day, I made a vow before family and friends to unite my life- my passions, my troubles, my dreams, my temper, and all of me- to a man I love. 4 years later, I am still so in love with my husband. Each year I gain more respect for his compassion, his integrity, and his work ethic, all which stem from his passion for Christ. Thank you Ray for being the leader of our family, a family that now includes our beautiful son :c)

This was us during the unity ceremony at our wedding
Copy of Ceremony 2 128

I'm not sure if I could 'picture' what our life would be like right now, but I am confident in each stage of life with you by my side.
Formal 4 107

You are more than I could ask for. You make a fabulous husband, an amazing dad, and my love forever. Love you sweet heart!

Tonight, we celebrate with our first dinner together without our little man. But no worries, aunt Judy will be home lovin' on Isaiah.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome Max

Welcome Max McDowell!
My friends Charlie, Beth, and Mia welcomed this sweet boy into their family a couple weeks ago. He was 3rd in line in my group of friends to be born within a month of each other! Ray, Isaiah, and I made a trip to their house to shoot some newborn pics last Saturday. He is a beautiful baby :c)









Older sister Mia is excited he's here. She's done just great with him.
She loves to give him kisses on his head.
So sweet :c)
Mia, as you know, is in the process of kicking cancer's tail! Here she is showing off all her bracelets people can wear to support this precious warrior princess!

Mia just got done with her second round of chemo (Max joined them at the hosp for this each day). Now they have about a week and a half before they start the bone marrow transplant procedure- Continued prayers are much appreciated!

Friday, September 23, 2011

4 weeks and a bottle

My baby is 4 weeks old today!
Just look at how he's changed since 1 week.. (and I changed my photo set up..)
To celebrate, his dad let him hit the bottle.. of milk that is! Tonight Isaiah got his first bottle, for some reason I had been nervous about this, but both guys did great and I got a break from feeding-
Isn't he beautiful? He chowed without much hesitation, ended up taking 5.5 ounces!
Yesterday I snapped these photos because I couldn't resist his gorgeous eyes looking at me :c)
I kinda love him..
But who couldn't?
Honey was certainly interested (She has mainly stayed away from little man, but I guess he was more approachable on the floor..)
She loves him too!

Isaiah is doing great. We are getting better at getting out on the town now. He still wakes up pretty much every 3 hours at night to eat, and usually sleeps well in between. He still loves sleeping on our chest (and I love for him to be there!). He is holding his head up much stronger now and really starting to grab onto things with his hands. I just can't believe it's been a month already!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photolife Fall Family Shootout!

Another photo shoot, this time Isaiah joined me!
Photo life group had a family shoot this Tuesday and I made my first appearance back at group since Isaiah was born.
I snagged this pic from facebook to show how I shot with Isaiah, photo by Summer Wyers.
This sweet family is one of our new members who will soon be delivering yet another photolife baby!
The Wyers family was also there, I shot these beautiful people for the rest of the time.









How perfect is this! Think I can train Isaiah to do the same?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stella's 3 Month

What's this?!
A picture of someone other than Isaiah, I do believe!
Who is she? A dashing model?
A giggly girl?
She's Stella Simpson.. Isaiah's future girl ;c) (you can see how entertained he is by her..)

I did a photoshoot of Stella while we were in Tulsa a couple weekends ago.
This was my first shoot since Isaiah, and my first time to be out of the house without him! (Dad watched while we ran to a nearby field, as you'll see below)

Supermodel Stella was not quite feelin' the field.
Although we tried our best efforts..
She wasn't entertained.
We even pulled out the 'fly in the air' routine!
But there's still love for this sweet girl!
Dad and Stella
Mom and Stella
One happy family :c)

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