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Monday, September 5, 2011


Well here we are, 10 days into this parenting bit- and we are all 3 still alive!
I have to say, there is just really no way to prepare for a newborn. It is sweet, precious, tiring, and at times frustrating. I do have to say that we have been blessed by all those around us, providing support, food, advice, and encouragement. Isaiah has been a wonderful baby, but at times I've struggled with feeding and fatigue. Last night Ray's best friend's mom Christy (more like extended family to us) was coming through town and stopped by to meet our little man. I hadn't had my pre-night nap, had just done a ton of feeding, and was a bit on the emotional side. After she left to head back to Tulsa, I broke down to Ray. Then he received a phone call from Miss Christy to see if she could come stay the night and watch Isaiah for us. My first instinct was no, because I have issues with burdening other people to help me, but I decided to be realistic and agreed to accept the help. Let me tell you how beautiful it was. Pre-baby, family offered to stay and help, but I really didn't know how much help they could be at night sine I'd have to be up breast feeding anyways. But now I realize how much more sleep I can get and feel much better. I've also been humbled in the process (thank you Lord, I could always use a dose of humility). Ray returns to work tomorrow, Art comes home, and I'll continue to learn. Right now I'm holding my little man as I type one-handed while sitting on a bouncy ball- the ways of a mom.

Here's a shot I captured this morning.. one of my favorite images is my husband cuddling my son :c)
Here's his head in Rays hands (I know these pics are dark- but they are moments captured)
Here is Isaiah in his sling for the first time!
We used it on our first family walk yesterday (he didn't like the stroller..)

Happy Labor Day!

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capturedbycheryl.com said...

baby wearing looks good on you :-)

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