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Monday, September 19, 2011

Isaiah's Newborn Shoots

It is a beautiful Monday and I hope you're able to enjoy it. Isaiah, Honey, and I went for a walk in the park and now I'm baking may favorite cookies.. Pumpkin Spiced and Iced... it's fall time- yay!
I feel like I'm coming out of the 'newborn fog' (although he's still keeping me on my toes and up at times during the night). But speaking of newborn, it's time I showed off all of Isaiah's newborn pics! Before he was born, I told photolife group to feel free to come shoot him, and shot him they did! We had about 4 different sessions and 5 different photographers (6 including me), which may be a bit intense for a newborn, but now he's prepared for the future of being a photographers son :c)

First up, here's Isaiah's birth announcement (or close to, the actual paper was rounded in 2 corners and the back contained a horizontal picture of Isaiah).

My friend Belinda was one of the first to come shoot Isaiah. She also came back a second time to use a few more props. Here's some of her lovely pics!




The next 2 are Deshawna's, who shot along with Belinda.


These are from round 2 with Belinda



Next up are Cheryl's. Isaiah acted up more during this session and I ended up crying (I now appreciate what the mom's are going through when I go shoot a newborn session.. it's a crazy time!). But Cheryl came away with some beautiful images :c)




me shooting my son..


Last up are Gay's photos. Isaiah was over 2 weeks old for this shoot and I realize the big difference in shooting within the first 10 days vs. after. He would not sleep nearly as well, which I thought was terrible, but I ended up really liking these images with his eyes open, they are so beautiful!



My friend Jaycette also shot, I just don't have any of her images yet and thought I'd go ahead and share anyway. I hope you enjoyed the overload of pics of my son ( I sure did!) and a big THANKS to my fabulous friends and photographers!

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