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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My boy Isaiah

Now that my son is walking.. he's gone from baby to little boy in just a few days!
Now he plays with cars

and dogsBoyBlog-2 
He sneaks up on his toys
and bangs them aroundBoyBlog-5
and oh my- he's already flirting with girls!BoyBlog-6 
This morning I went through all of my "weekly" pictures of Isaiah, I can't believe the way he's changed! This first year of life is amazing, and I'm so blessed get to watch my son as he grows :c)
 This past weekend we went to Tulsa for Ray's grandpa's retirement party. We got to see some family that we haven't seen in a while as we celebrated-



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Isaiah is walking!

Isaiah is walking! After almost a month of cruising while holding on to our hands, he gained the confidence to step out on his own! Here he was Saturday at my parents house..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


There are some changes happening at the Ofosu household! (And No, Mom, Darla, Roxanne and all you other crazy women, this is not a pregnancy announcement!).

First thing is that our roommate of 3 years has moved out. Ray knew Art from the church, and when Art's sister (whom he was living with before us) had to move, Ray offered him our spare bedroom. Out of all the roommates I had during college, I'd have to say Art is the best (sorry girls, but he helped put Christmas lights up, fixed the sink faucets to turn the right way, and was hardly ever around!). Art hasn't been sleeping here for a week now (he's still trying to find the time to move everything out), but it's crazy how weird it felt. It never occurred to me before, but I felt funny the Isaiah was sleeping on that side of the house by himself (he's never done that before.. not that Art would wake up to anything happening.. but it's just a mom feeling-). When Art came to pick up a few things Friday night, it felt so natural to share some of the homemade popcorn with him (it's the one thing Ray doesn't eat!) and sit down to catch up on things. I can't tell if Honey is missing Neiko or not, but she sure was excited to see Art. So old roomie, we'll miss you! Thanks for being a part of our lives :c)

Just because I think its cool, I'll share a few things that showed God's glory through this all. Lets begin with the end. Ray's sister recently graduated and asked Ray if she could move in if needed after her lease is up. I considered the idea of asking Art to leave so that family could move in, but decided that we would just try to make it work with us all in the house, so we never told Art. After that, he told us he'd be moving out (and the stories of God working through his end of the moving out is awesome as well). So he's out in perfect time for Judy to move in! Without any effort on our end.

Another time I find amazing was when Isaiah was born. I explained this in my birth story post, but Art left for a 10 day trip on the day Isaiah was born. He got to see Isaiah before he left, Ray and I had 10 days home alone with our son (Ray went back to work right after that), and I got the hang of nursing a bit better just as Art came back home. It was the most amazing timing that just puts a smile on my face.

Another situation was one of two times that I've clearly heard God's desire. I was driving home from Tulsa thinking about asking Art to leave (like I said, he was a great roommate, but we are still human and I had selfish thoughts every once and a while). After a weekend away, Ray and I went to lifegroup together where he asked for prayer on whether we should ask Art to leave. I tried to tell the group that we didn't need prayer, I knew that we weren't supposed to ask Art to leave. Ray had heard the same message earlier that day (while we were in different cities) but wasn't as sure of it as I was. It was so neat to realize what God had layed on both our hearts.
So again, thank you Art. And thank you to our great God for putting it on our hearts to open up our house. Here's little man with his first roommate :c)  

The other change (besides Isaiah's dirty diapers..)?
I've got a new job! That's right, after 7 years of working as a med-surg nurse at Deaconess, I was hired today at the Oklahoma Spine Hospital in the pain management department. Ever since my pregnancy, I have been wanting a change, so I finally stepped out and made it happen (this is the first time for me to ever leave a job without a reason like moving)! I appreciate all I've learned at Deaconess, and may stay there occasional part-time. We'll see what all this newness brings!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

John's 1 Year Session

Meet John, Cancer Slayer..

John1YBlog-17He battles ALL with a grin on his face 
John1YBlog-19Which makes him one cute knight!John1YBlog-20For an almost 1 year old, he did fabulous during his session!
John1YBlog-16With too many cute expression that I just had to share :c)
John1YBlog-13Just like his friend Mia, John has accumulated his fair share of beads (each signifies a part of cancer treatment, ie. overnight stay, blood transfusion, chemo, etc..)
John1YBlog-21He also has 2 parents who adore him dearly
John1YBlog-5He loves them right back!
John1YBlog-4Such a cutie..
John1YBlog-6" />

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you poppas! God bless you as you all lead your families! I know I'm thankful for the wonder father's I've had in my life, and I've been so happy to watch as my husband become a wonderful dad. Isaiah is blessed to have such a caring, supportive, man to learn from and have love him. Love both my dads and my hubs!
Isaiah with the homemade gift for his dad.

Isaiah's beautiful contributionFathersDay-4Here's Isaiah and I in our unofficial Thunder outfits
And here he is doing what he's been doing for the last 2 weeks.. This kid loves to 'walk'!FathersDay-6

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Strange Clan

The Strange family has grown since I shot them 3-4 years ago! This is my sister's sister-in-law and her kids, so in a way they are family! They live in Texas and although they were missing their dad on this trip, Kristin wanted to get some pics of the kids. We shot in the middle of the day in a local neighborhood (yep, 2 posts with the chair in a row..) Enjoy-

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Family2012Blog-16" />
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Family2012Blog-15" />
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