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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nichole's Family Pics

Hey all!
I'm grateful to be at my desk typing this post to you. We had another bout with tornadoes last night, there are several areas around us that got hit pretty bad. I remember giving my step-dad a hard time when he built a storm shelter in our backyard years and years ago because it would take up precious space in our already big enough back yard. Well I can tell you now that Ray and I are grateful that we moved into a house that has a storm shelter in the garage. Our neighbors don't have one, so they always have and open invitation to ours (along with their 2 kids). Then I was at my friend Melanie's house before the storm, they don't have a shelter, so they came over as well. So we had 6 adults, 4 kids (and baby Isaiah :c) ready to pile in this small shelter if needed.. so grateful we didn't have to! But it was good time spent with great friends.

Speaking of great friends.. here's another one and her wonderful family :c)
Nichole had her family in town last weekend so we went to the Famers Market in OKC for some fun family pics. I've been blessed to be able to spend time with these guys, so I enjoyed getting them in front of the camera.. enjoy!













Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kellye&Dane's Wedding

I'm so excited to get to share with you the Beaver wedding!
That's right.. actual photography work (for the most part I'm fully up and running again)!
Kellye & Dane married April 30th at the beautiful Christ the King church in Nicholas Hills. I started the day with them at the salon as Kellye, the bridesmaids, and moms got their hair and makeup done.
There was lots of laughter with so many family and friends around
Even Dane showed up to surprise Kellye with a gift
Here's the thank you..
Back at the church, Dane received his gift from Kellye
And I shot details..

Then it was on to the first look..
Love these moments :c)
Then outside for some gorgeous portraits!


One of my second shooters, Gay, captured this shot that I just love :c)
The girls had a blast
and the little ones shined in front of the camera!
What a good looking crew!
During the ceremony, my second shooter Belinda was up top capturing shots like this..
While I was in the front getting images like this
and this!
The cake was a huge, tiered, gathering of delicious cupcakes.
Not that this couple needed any help with sweetness.
And with the last name Beavers now making them one,
Kellye and Dane are off to live this life together. Blessings to you guys!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!!

Now begins the time of my life when I appreciate everything my mom has done for me that much more. I've always appreciated that she's been a great mom, but over the next months, years, and decades, I will be learning in even greater detail what goes on behind the scenes of being a mom. So here's to mom and all the sacrifices that you make-

Case in point: here's my mom losing to a smug little cheater..

And here's my loving mom with her 2 girls

My sacrifice.. Flinstone feet! Here's my belly and swollen feel on my first mothers day.
(note: we purchased a macbook last week so that I could get back to editing.. everything is not back totally in order yet, but at least I'm getting some work done! Anyways, Friday night I sat down to several hours of editing, and when I got up, I had Flinstone feet! Now I am using my (still unusable) desktop to elevate these puppies as I work)

And since Ray is out of town, here is a self portrait of my 6 month belly (and an unmade bed..)

I hope all you mom's and mom's-to-be enjoyed the day!

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