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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!!

Now begins the time of my life when I appreciate everything my mom has done for me that much more. I've always appreciated that she's been a great mom, but over the next months, years, and decades, I will be learning in even greater detail what goes on behind the scenes of being a mom. So here's to mom and all the sacrifices that you make-

Case in point: here's my mom losing to a smug little cheater..

And here's my loving mom with her 2 girls

My sacrifice.. Flinstone feet! Here's my belly and swollen feel on my first mothers day.
(note: we purchased a macbook last week so that I could get back to editing.. everything is not back totally in order yet, but at least I'm getting some work done! Anyways, Friday night I sat down to several hours of editing, and when I got up, I had Flinstone feet! Now I am using my (still unusable) desktop to elevate these puppies as I work)

And since Ray is out of town, here is a self portrait of my 6 month belly (and an unmade bed..)

I hope all you mom's and mom's-to-be enjoyed the day!

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Lila Lawrence said...

Thank you for that sweet tribute, Ashley. Having children as good as you two made my job much easier. Love you!! Mom

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