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Friday, August 16, 2013

1 Week Ago Today- Eli's Birth Story!

1 week ago today, my sweet son Eli entered this world. 
He was 2 days over his due date, and his dad had given up hope that he was ever coming. We had set the induction date with the doctor at my checkup on Thursday, but I told him I wouldn't make him wait that long, that I still was checking things off my to-do list and needed to be mentally ready before this baby would come. Having already been through this baby phase before, I wanted to have done everything I possible could before baby came, because it was so difficult to get anything done when Isaiah was a baby! Thursday was a fabulously overcast day, so after my appointment I called a friend to see if she could take some last minute maternity pics (one of the things I felt I still needed were a few pics of Isaiah and my big tummy.. I know I was pushing the time frame for it!). We got together at the park and took some of the pictures I shared last week. Isaiah enjoyed the park once pics were done, and I enjoyed having a little date with my soon-to-be oldest son. When Ray got home from work, we enjoyed dinner as a family, went on a long walk around the neighborhood, then went to bed. I woke around 1 am, folded laundry and piddled around until around 5 am. I felt my first contraction around 8 am. I sent the message out to my mom, sister, and, Ray to let them know I might have had a contraction and this might be getting started, but I'd let them know as the day progressed. That morning I had several contractions (thankfully they were in my belly and not my back!), but nothing consistent until around 11 am. I timed 4 contractions from 11-noon, each being about a minute long and 15 minutes apart. I decided to bake Eli's birth day cake so that Isaiah could help before he went down for a nap. Ray arrived home from work around 12:30 (he gets half days on Fridays during the summer, how perfect!). He noticed the cake and realized this might actually be happening (he threw Isaiah up in the air and celebrated, it was real cute). He then put Isaiah down for his nap while I called my mom and Summer and told them they should probably head this way (after calling them I had my first contraction that was only 8 minutes apart, I told them not to take any  of my stepdad's shortcuts). I showered, shaved, painted my toenails, put on makeup, and fixed my hair. I then moved on to clean the guest bathroom while Ray cleaned up the kitchen. Any time I had a contraction, I walked to my phone to time it (my phone was already starting to die, so I had it plugged in) and continued walking until the contraction stopped. In between contractions I debated how far or maybe even if I was in labor because I felt so good. Then a contraction would hit 6-7 minutes apart that would remind me this is labor. I started to get a feeling of pressure down there and that I needed to go to the bathroom. I know that many times women say they need to go to the bathroom when they really are about to push out a baby. This made me a little nervous, but I didn't convey that very well to Ray. I told him it was probably close to time, we both got done cleaning, he packed the rest of the bags, and I got Isaiah up. My family was already meeting us at the hospital (my stepdad and brother-in-law were going to watch Isaiah as long as labor didn't last too long). I was excited to get to ride in the car with Ray this time, and it was a much more peaceful ride than when I was in labor with Isaiah. We padded the seat since my water hadn't broke. I thought about sending out some texts to people to let them know we were headed in, but figured I'd wait until I knew my progress, I wasn't sure how far into labor I was. Before the car, my contractions were only 6-7 min apart. I got one in the car that was 3 min. apart, but it was only 30 seconds long. 
My family (and Summer) beat us to the hospital. I tell Ray to park and walk into admissions, who send us straight to the second floor (L&D). I tell them I think I'm in labor and they get me to the triage home. I'm handed a gown and a cup to pee in. I couldn't get the sample at first because another contraction hit, and was barley able to go before another one took over. I was filling out paper work (my mind wasn't working well to answer all the questions). When the nurse was ready to check me, we had to wait through 2 contractions that hit right on top of each other. I could tell by the look in her eyes when she finally did check that I was further than any of us thought. The second nurse checked to confirm- a bulging bag! They couldn't even tell how dilated I was, but knew I was most likely a 10 and ready to deliver very soon. They kicked it in gear then and called my doctor and brought Ray into the room. He didn't quite know what was going on since all the nurse told him was that I had amazed them. They talked about me delivering in the triage room, but decided to wheel me to an actual labor and delivery room. I scooted my self into bed, panting pretty good since the contractions were really hitting now. Ray gets my mom, sisters, and Summer. I'm trying to wait for the doctor to get there (I've heard nurses say they prefer not to deliver babies), but get a serious urge to push. With one push, my water breaks with a pop- and literally goes spraying across the room. It hits a nurse and the poor scrub tech. I apologize, and they tell me it's fine, but still felt bad! The staff was great and encouraged me to push when I felt the urge again shortly after my water broke (busted, sprayed, whatever..). Pretty soon they made the announcement that he had a full head of hair, which finally caught Ray up to speed with where we were at in the labor. Just a couple minutes later and my sweet baby Elijah was here! I sat up slightly to hold him. The nurses wiped him off, Ray cut the cord, and I got to lay back and cuddle with my new baby. I had in my birth play (which as you can imagine, never got pulled out) that I wanted to hold Eli immediately following his birth. It was awesome that there were no arguments from anyone on the things I wanted, and that delivery was over! We arrived to the second floor of the hospital just 30 minutes before my son was born. My doctor and photographer both showed up shortly after (I had told my photog I would update her from the hosp... didn't quite give her enough time!). This labor was so much easier than my last, I was so grateful it was all over. I felt much more with it this time!
Elijah Gray Ofosu
Born August 9 at 4:30 pm
Weighing 8 pounds 12 ounces
Height is 20 3/4 long
He is beautiful and we all loved him immediately. It's been adorable to see Isaiah in the big brother role. Ray has been off this whole week and we've enjoyed some fun family time, including a trip to the zoo and plenty of evening walks. Both kids are sleeping now, so I'm anxious to be doing the same! (Though Eli is a champ sleeper and hasn't been keeping my up too much). I'll include pics with this when I get them from my friend/photographer.








































mindy said...

Oh how I needed a good cry today. What a sweet little family the Ofosu's have built. I am so happy for you... and jealous! You make labor and delivery look pretty and easy. I'm so happy for you.

ashley o. said...

Isn't it crazy what a labor story can do, especially to a preggo?! Congrats and can't wait to hear the story from your 3rd little blessing :c)

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