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Monday, August 5, 2013

Faith Stories

I think it was in a lifegroup, not sure, but somewhere I heard the recommendation to write down all of your faith stories, those moments when you know God's Hand is at work in your life. I am so glad I listened. I have a book that I've been keeping for a couple years now, it's got color coded sections and sits in my bedside table. At the front are some verses (mainly from when I was writing encouraging verses while in labor with Isaiah). The next section includes the stories. The next is a list of prayers, prayers for babies (and the names of the ones that have come!), marriages, illnesses, etc. There is a final section, but it's empty and may eventually (hopefully) contain more stories. I'm telling you all this because I got to write another story last Thursday, and I am always so excited to do so! This story involves the LaRues (as do several others, they act in faith a lot). It has a sad beginning with the loss of the 3 kids they were trying to adopt. It was a decision made in the best interest of everyone, and not made by the LaRues. It happened a couple weeks ago and the kids are in a good, familiar place. This has left the LaRue's with lots of emotions, adjustments, and a 12-passenger van. That's where our story picks up. They had listed the van on Craigslist to sell without any hits (not the most sought after vehicle ..). They attempted to trade for a mini-van, but this still left them with a car payment (they're previous van was payed off). I had been to the dentist the week before ( my friend is a hygienist) and he mentioned wanting a full size van in the future. The thought hit me to contact him when I thought it was too late (the LaRues were already driving the mini-van), but it turns out the printer didn't work at the dealership, so they couldn't sign to make it final. I emailed my dentist Thurs afternoon, and by 9 that night he was writing a check for the 12-passenger van! We all felt God's hand working so clearly in the situation. My friend called it 'faith-building', I think we all felt the same! They had a need, and it was met only through the power of God and His people's ability to listen and act. I'm so grateful to my dentist and the LaRues. This is a story I will always enjoy going back to read!

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