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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

40 Weeks of Pregnancy


This is a place I have never been before. I have never been a full 40 weeks pregnant. That's 10 months pregnant, for those who don't realize that the due date is not 9 months from the beginning (well, it's actually 9.5 months from conception if you consider that you are already 2 weeks along when you conceive.. who came up with this stuff?!). But anyways, today is my due date, August 7th, and I am still very pregnant. I made it to 39 weeks and 6 days last time, and Ray and I were kind of expecting the same this time. I'm sure our "expectations" of our second child will continue this way! I am not overly anxious about this soon-pending birth.. I think my husband is harboring all the anxiety for me! I've still be checking things off my to-do list and trying to keep my tentative dates with people, I completed the last one today! After I clean my bathrooms and do one more wiping of my windows in the morning, I may feel almost ready to meet this little man who's been with me since October. I am still in somewhat disbelief, even though I feel like I should know what's coming. We have definitely prepared a bit more for this newborn period, our freezer is stocked with both crockpot meals and smoked meat, Ray is taking off almost 2 weeks, I've cleaned the car, fridge, couch and other longer term items. Clothes, diapers, and blankets are ready. I finally wrote a birth plan and put the car seat in the car. See why I needed all 40 weeks? It's funny seeing everyone else response to me reaching this point, like this pregnancy might expire if nothing happens today ;c) But I know it's fine to be over, and really do hope this starts within the next couple days. I got to photograph my friends post-birth last night (that's another thing I've been waiting for, she was due Aug 1st and I needed her to go first! I didn't make it for labor, neither did the midwife it was that quick.. but I still got to document some precious moments!). Speaking of documenting, I'm glad I was motivated enough to keep up the belly pics this time around. I learned last time that I needed to make my pics so I actually knew what week was what, and since my day was Wednesday, I ended up taking all of these as a self portrait (with a tripod and timer) instead of Ray taking them. I am really amazed with the change in my tummy in the last month! People have been saying that I've dropped and I wasn't sure, but I'd have to say yes now! No wonder I can't keep the lower part of my belly covered... Besides some minor contractions, not much is going on yet. I have another appointment tomorrow with my doc, so we'll see what's up then. For now, I need to get some rest while I can, I'm already behind!

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