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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our 4th

One thing I am always quick to thank God for is our independence. It's difficult to remember to be as grateful as we should that we live in a free country! I was happy to celebrate Independence Day with some festive activities. While Ray was taking my sister and Matt to the airport, I shot a session of my friends the Bero's (soon-to-post), then meet up with our friends at the Edmond Liberty Parade.

Here's Isaiah and Jim intent on the floats

and cheering them on4thJuly-2My son and I
For dinner, we traveled to Guthrie with our friends the Beesons and Beros. It was fun having all the boys together!4thJuly-4
They enjoyed holding hands4thJuly-5
and tugging! I'm sure Sydnie is glad that sweet Gavin has such awesome influences ;c)4thJuly-9"Waaaaaaa... Not another picture!!"
"If I give you my 'blue steel' look, will you call it quits?"
The girls and our kiddos4thJuly-12
Here is the same shot from exactly a year ago (without Sydnie and with Beth and Nichole)7-4-13
The boys took a pre-dinner dip4thJuly-13
Here's Gavin, chillaxin4thJuly-14 
Isaiah was only happy, of course, if he was standing
Adorable Grayden!
I wasn't going for this actual shot, but love it! Doesn't it just say 'summer!'?4thJuly-15
my "happy" family4thJuly-18 
You know how I posted about Isaiah suddenly turning into a boy the other day. Well, we've moved past boy into teen already! The other day he was head banging (not against anything, just like the dancing way), slouching while eating, threw a fit when I tried to sit him up, shoveling food in his mouth, and being extremely fussy. And you see how well he enjoyed my pictures. The only thing different than a teen is that he's a total momma's boy right now. I kinda want my sweet baby back!

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Lindsey said...

Haha- love the three boys! Especially the pinching one :)
Crazy to look at those pics of a year ago- seems like your little man has been around longer than that (I actually looked at that pic and thought, Wait, where's Isaiah?! Umm duhhhh!)

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