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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What happened in July..

Hello strangers! Sooo... it's been awhile, let me show you what we've been up to this month that's kept me from the computer!

First, Ray's birthday was July 5th (happy birthday sweetie! I normally try to say that sooner..). This is my 4th year (I think) to surprise Ray with a party (you'd think he'd catch on at some point..). We gathered our friends for some volleyball on a warm evening, thanks for all those who came!

7-6-18Here's the action on the court
7-6-2and the baby-ness off the court
7-6-9can't leave out the puppy-ness either! I love this furry dog
The next day we drove down to Dallas where Ray's auntie was visiting from Ghana7-7-52Plenty of family was there.. it was great to see them all!
7-7-9Here's Isaiah snoozing on the way back (which is a beautiful site when you have to drive 3 hours there and back in one day with a baby ;c)7-7-54The next weekend we headed to Austin for my 10 year reunion trip. Ray's favorite part.. the Bar-B-Que tour.. yum!
We were in awe when we walked into the room full of smokers
 I loved this picture I found of all the employees, check out the chick with the knife!
Summer and I getting our grub on7-14-14While Todd "shakes down" all that meat before we head to the 3rd place!
This is how they served up the delicious food at all 3 joints
We were diggin' the glass soda bottles
Our bearded bandits7-14-26and the lovely ladies
7-14-27I looked up and saw this cowboy hat and handle bar mustache, and although I spent most of my summers growing up in Texas, realized I had never been anywhere more "Texas"7-14-28Our crew (on the morning of traveling home.. gives us (me) a break!)
7-14-34Big thanks to my mom and Felton for watching Isaiah 3 days in a row while Ray and I were out of the state (our first time to leave the little man). We all survived the trip!
7-14-38Last weekend was Aidan's first birthday party, one of many of Isaiah's friends to be turning 1 soon
Besides all of the above, I started my new job at the Spine Hospital and have been spending my days orienting. It's been different working 8 hour days (the last time I did that was my first job my junior year of high school!), but so far so good-

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