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Friday, September 3, 2010

A broken toe and heavy heart

Again I find myself apologizing for my absence. My heart has been a bit heavy with some things going on in life. To keep it short but put the prayer request out there..
1. Several of my coworkers were laid off this week. Not a very common practice in the nursing field, but healthcare just seems to be getting crazy. Please pray for the individuals who lost their jobs, and for our hospital to be able to run a successful business but also provide excellent patient care.
2. A coworker of mine (who still has her job) just found out her husband most likely has some type of lymphoma (cancer). They are close to Ray and I's age and have 1 son. As an oncology nurse, we see people all the time who go through this exact thing, it's just very difficult when it's someone you know. Please pray for Sean and his family.
3. I got to give one of our cancer patients his very last dose of chemo yesterday. I don't usually get to do this since the rest of treatments are usually carried out in clinics. I was taking care of him when he was diagnosed, and have seen him come in again and again. I cried in his room yesterday just because of all that is going on, and with compassion and strength he shared encouraging words. Please pray for this great man to stay in remission.
4. I found out yesterday I broke my toe. Minor in-light of the above. But I really don't have any other pictures to share with this post except for the below. It took me a week and a half to actually go to the doctor for it, and now I have and appointment for the orthopedic this afternoon. My guess is I'll end up in a boot.
Here's my foot 3 days after the event and 3/4 into my 12 hour work day.

Clearly showing the break in my big toe.
Moral: Never play soccer with your soon-to-be older brother who's a football player.

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capturedbycheryl.com said...

Prayers being sent.....love you!!

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