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Sunday, May 2, 2010

tears from behind the lens

The other day I commented to Ray about how I feel like I get too unattached when I'm behind the lens. "I don't cry" I said, thinking about my last wedding of some dear friends where there was hardly a dry eye in the place. Or the photo mission our life group did at the oncology (cancer) unit at Children's Hospital (we shot portraits of the kids for mothers day presents). "I get to caught up in exposure and focus, I miss the moment". Well, God heard my complaint, and allowed me the opportunity to shoot the baptisms again at LifeChurch.tv (it's been almost a year since I last shot). But my reaction was the exact same as last time. Tears.
I'll have to quote what my campus pastor said as he spoke to the groups this morning, "I can't explain what goes on out there, but it's supernatural". And that's all I can say. I don't know why, when I don't even know these people, I tear up when see their excitement, when I hear the story of Jesus' baptism, when I watch them come out of the water. But I do, and I tear up even when I think back on it. Not even my camera is a strong enough buffer to stop the tears (although it makes for funny crying, since the tears mainly fall from the eye that's shut and blocked by the camera). I never got this emotional sitting in the crowd and watching, but being involved, seeing God's children express their love for Him.. it's amazing. I hope that these pictures can convey at least a portion of the glorious moments I experienced this morning.

(note the tear right above his mustache)

I'll quote my previous baptism post- "it is beatuiful!"

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~abi~ said...

i love what you wrote in this post! and great images, too!

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