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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

elene&martin: wed

congrats to elene and martin!
and congrats to me for finishing their wedding pictures! after starting with 2200 pictures and having 2 other jobs to work, i am very happy to be able to hand these pictures off to the beautiful couple. here's their special day~

to start the day, some pampering for the girls..
then to the hair salon, check out the ratted mess!
that tuned into this elegant bun!
the gorgeous dress
and a breathtaking bride
the bridal party
some details
the ring bearer and flower girl.. aww :c)
and here they are running around the ceremony with out a care in the world
when all of a sudden, they realize there's a bunch of people around.. and dad has to step in and save them.. i love the unexpected moments of a wedding
the excited groom
and an emotinal father
the church had fabulous live plants all over the church!
loved the smoke here!
and i had fun with the cross in the background :c)
and another ;c)
i loved all the nature!
cute couple
and now, a totally stoked couple!
the beautiful cake
they had professional dance lessons just for this!
the toasts :c)
martin's grandma was a hoot!
grandma gettin' her groove on!
have fun with light and shutter speed
it was a beautiful wedding, thank you for including me martin and elene.
but it's also a beautiful day outside, so i'm going to go enjoy that before my last wednesday of clinicals!

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