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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sydnie's Paint-a-party!

Have you ever heard of Wine and Palette? A friend of mine from work talked about how much she enjoyed them and I thought that it would be a fabulous thing to do for my friend Sydnie's birthday (who is an artist herself!). Since Nichole and Sydnie paint, Beth is quite the wine connoisseur, and Ashley can make a killer white chicken chili, we were able to pull the event off in the privacy of my home! Ray and Isaiah went off to life group and the rest of the girls' husbands watched the kiddos, allowing us to have a true girls night! We enjoyed it all; the food, the painting, the wine (including wine-soaked frozen grapes from this pintrest recipe!),  the lack of little crazy ones clambering all over us (just for the night, love you son!), and of course the company! (Ray will tell me that I just used too many exclamation marks, but I think the sentence called for it ;c) As you can see, the original picture, A Partridge in a Pear Tree by Malissa McEntire, was on the TV for us to imitate. It's funny how different each picture turned out (esp the birds..). A good night with good friends!
Finishing up our cheese, crackers, fruit, and wine
The birthday girl!
Is it sad that this was the only candle I had? At least it went with the theme!

The girls hard at work (don't mind the jack-o-latern cup amongst all the Christmas decor at a birthday party...)

Another look at the finished product, yay for us!12-11-15

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