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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stella's Here!

Meet Stella Simpson!
She is the beautiful daughter of our good friends, Mark and Abby. I remember when Ray asked me, 'guess who's pregnant'. I though, 'oh my it's starting!" Little did I know we would on their heels with a baby of our own! Sometimes I like to think of Stella as Isaiah's future girlfriend (even though I told myself I would never do that with my kids... I'm sure there's many more of those to be broken..). I have to say, Stella is the sleepiest baby I have ever had the opportunity to shoot, and I enjoyed every minute (even though we were sweating through the shoot after turning off the AC in 100 degree weather). Mark and Abby have a house with plenty of light, great props, a beautiful baby, and fun company, so I really enjoyed this shoot! I hope that you enjoy the pics :c)







I have always wanted to try to pose a baby up like this. I have never had a baby sleep heavy enough to attempt. Stella was out, so her daddy Mark and I gave it a shot. This was the closest we got.
Then she quickly fell...
to this not-so-desired position. Don't worry, Stella was not harmed in the making of these photos. But I'm ready for Isaiah to get here to try again! (although I hear it's difficult to shoot your own baby)









Such a beautiful family. Can't wait to see little Stella grow up in this loving, Christ-centered family :c)

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