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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tessia's Senior Session

*before you read this post, I would like you to go visit Amy Wenzel's blog. Today was the first day I've been on her blog since lent, and it's amazing how she's able to make my point better than I am. Feel free to read back in her blog to get the full story and realize just how great our God is! Okay, onto today's post..
So I didn't want to leave you thinking about Tessia as you saw her in my last post..
This girl is an adorable young woman with a kind spirit, beautiful eyes, and curly red hair.. what more could a photographer ask for! We enjoyed our time outside as we walked all around downtown for her senior session. Thanks, Tessia, for being so fun and fashionable, and an absolute joy to shoot. Good luck with premed and missions, and I pray that God blesses your journey!

**update: just read this on the Pioneer Woman's blog. This is a conversation between her and Marlboro man (her hubby)
MM: "That’s just part of it."
PW: "Part of what?"
MM: "Part of agriculture. Part of life. It’s actually kind of liberating at a certain point—you do the best you can with what you can control, and you pray about what you can’t control. And you have faith that it’ll all work out in the end."
I like that too.. can you tell I'm glad to be reading blogs again!


Katie said...

Hey girl! We missed you last night! Hopefully we can get together soon and you can meet Colt! I would love to get you to take some photos of our new family at some point too! :)

~abi~ said...

gorgeous girl, great photos!

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