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Monday, January 5, 2009

'09 kicked off right!

happy '09!
okay, so it's been a minute since i've posted, for as you can see below, i kind of snuck off on a vacation with out telling you.. opps! it was kind of crazy between holidays, family in town, working, then leaving for new mexico last week.. but it's all been a blast! we visited the ever-so welcoming and always unforgiving on our bodies, rauch's. click here to see the our trip from last summer where they killed our muscles with rock climbing. this time we hit the mountains in a different form, with goggles and skies. and thankfully, the mountain didn't fight back (last year i hurt my knee, and the year before i got altitude sickness.. yuck). instead wolf creek provided us with 18 inches of fresh powder, which you can see forming in the pics. it was beautiful :c)

the crazy rauch clan
we drove out to albuquerque on new years eve, where we celebrated '09 according to okalahoma time (an hour early~). here's the kids in their new footie pajamas (they almost make me want a pair again!)

and here's my aunt and uncle playing a prehistoric 'air hockey' game
me and addie
ray and kitty
and my wonderful hubby, whom i must say is the most patient husband that a wife who is 'scared to go down the mountain' could ever ask for. love you!

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Lindsey said...

Awww fun!!! The snow looks incredible! Love the last pic of you two- and Addie and Mason in their footie pajamas are soooo cute! You captured their personalities so well!

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