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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

megan.jared: part 2

here's a few more pics from megan and jared's engagement shoot..
but while i was letting the pictures upload, i began a blog hunt (to hunt, i go to jasmine star's blog and click on some of the millions of photogs that comment). i usually click on a few different people just to see some new material, but this time i was blown away with the first one! it is the blog of a vancouver based photographer, jamie delaine, who has some amazing talent. on the second post i get to, she recaps '08, which if full of her first wedding, many portraits, her first 10K, many trips, graduation from high school and starting college! holy cow what a year! i was super impressed with her images, and then to discover her age and see how professional and outgoing she is.. it is truly inspiring. check her out here.
ok, back to megan and jared
lovebirds :c)
i love flare (like most girls love diamonds!)


Lindsey said...

:) I love flare too!
Jamie Delaine's site was really neat- very impressive how much she's accomplished, but same thing for YOU, missy! I can't believe how much you've shot and how much you're really developing an incredible eye for this- you've had quite the year as well!

Kriea Arie said...

Very cute! I love the last two!!!

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