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Saturday, November 29, 2008

something to be thankful for..

our friends davin and tina have something to be thankful for! they will bringing a sweet little boy into this world very soon. they are a sweet couple who volunteer with ray at switch for life church youth. they just recently found out i do photography and wanted to get some pictures in while tina's still pregnant! thanks to the ever-talented and giving creel for allowing us to use limerick studio (check out his work, he's awesome!). on to the pics~

motherly love..
forever love
tina states the tattoo is not finished, but how cool is it!
i'm thankful to have such beautiful clients!
daddy davin
a present!
this was my first time on my own with studio lighting..
there's so much more i want to learn!


Kriea Arie said...

Ashley! This is a fabulous post!!! I love pretty much all of them :) The last one and the tattoo are my faves...
Thank you for your sweet comment! You guys are one of my faves...I am so glad I was able to be a part of your lives! And that I still get to check in with you every once in a while :) You are doing amazingly well with your photography!!! I knew you would!

Dor!$ T@y said...

WOW!!! wonderful shooting tech! all i can say is ur pics are 'AWESOME!!' keep it up! =)

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